Cracker Barrel

train.jpgSo hubby is working 2nds this week so I decided to take a night off of cooking another box of macaroni and cheese.  I have a craving, sue me I am pregnant :), for Cracker Barrel.  Hubby pretty much hates the place, he says because he does not like the food but I know really it is because they don’t serve beer.

So I got home a little late from work and off we went.  J of course wants to know what Caker Barrel is and wants Chinese instead.  Can you say heartburn?  I have been waking up dying from it each night and end up sleeping sitting up in bed for the past two nights.  So sorry, pregnant mommy wins.  As we drive the boys have to have a competition to see who can see the most Christmas lights.  Why is it with each holiday my kids get fixated with one or more houses with holiday decorations and then beg, cry and carry on for me to drive by them each day.  I am sure a few of our neighbors think we are stalkers.

We finally make it.  J is shocked to see that it is right next to Burp in Burger – did you know that is Steak and Shakes other name?  I had no idea until my kids told me.  J accuses me of driving in circles because we had already passed one on the way.  I love 5 year olds! 

Before they even get in the door they notice that this is not your typical restaurant and see candy through the windows.   Z wants candy and J wants a souvenir.  Wow, we have not even opened the door yet.  I forgot to remind them – DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, but it is too late.  They are in 7th heaven and beeline for the candy section.  Oh boy, this is going to be fun.  And I thought I only came for the roast beef.  We finally get seated, and then the fighting over that triangle game they have on the tables begins.  They both have to have one and then they are upset that each of theirs is missing a peg.  I try to explain it is supposed to which is lost on Z but J kind of gets when I attempt to show him how to play.  We order, they refuse to eat and I try to enjoy my roast beef.  I realize they would have rather had my meal over a baked bun cheeseburger and heaven forbid macaroni with specks of pepper.  Oh well, at least hubby is not here to complain about his $7 thrown in the garbage.  He, he, he, he.

So we leave but once again have to go through the well placed gift area.  We walk out with 2 pez dispensers, a Christmas bingo game (on sale), and it must be the hormones – a really cool fiber optic gingerbread train that I am so in love with and the kids love too.  It too was on sale.  I think I may have to go back and get the other pieces that match because I really like it (the photo does not do it justice).  Ah, just what I planned, a $60 trip to Cracker Barrel.



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2 responses to “Cracker Barrel

  1. fog city mommy

    xmas lights? all ready? jeez!!!

    don’t worry, I stalk the neighbors too. I live near Robin Williams and Sharon Stone and their houses are AMAZING!!!!

  2. That’s hillarious!! I don’t think I have been there since I’ve had kids. I can’t imagine the gift shop going well with my two either. Thanks though. Now I have a hankerin’ for sweet tea, Vidalia onion rings, fried okra with corn meal, and biscuits and gravy.

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