Baby Bump Update

No new photo this time.  I am feeling way too fat.  Sorry guys.  Maybe in a few weeks when the Christmas photos begin.  For now I am sitting in self loathing at the site of my body and face in the mirror.  Not that I am that vain but since I have pretty much given up every form of exercise except:  running to the fridge or bathroom, chasing my kids around the house or hoofing myself up my tri-level home, I am feeling pretty round. 

Now on top of that and running out of thigh room in my pants,  I am starting to dream that I am going to be giving birth.  The dream was so real last night I had to really remember this morning on how far along I was and also realize my doctor appointment today was only for my 29 week check up and not to be induced.  I told the nurse to just write down fat in place of a number for my weight today.  She thought I was joking.  But hey, nothing like starting a week off my slamming a cold disgustingly sweet orange drink first thing in the morning, then getting poked with a needle and hour later ( I HATE NEEDLES), then weigh in.  Seriuosly, what about a nice papsmear instead?  Baby is doing great though, she moves a lot and the doctor guesses she is about 3 lbs.  Only 11 weeks to go. 

I do think for some reason that the 3rd pregnancy must be the longest.  I mean I already know what the birth will pretty much be like, I know my children will or won’t get along and I think I am just ready to get on with the show already.  Plus it is super exciting knowing I am having a girl so the rest is not mysteriuos until she arrives.  I think that is partly why I am not even interested in what I want for Christmas this year.  Seriously people are asking me and I don’t want anything, just my three babies. 

Since I am just lazing around the house most days I have decided that I have to stop that.  I am going to being a new routine, already checked with my doctor so MIL and DAD it is ok.  I am going to work out, 10 minutes a day on my eliptical.  I know…  I am sure I will be dropping pounds and sweating now 🙂  Well at least I won’t feel like a total fat a*s.  And walking up the stairs every morning at work I won’t feel like a big looser as I huff and puff at the top.

Of course as I am thinking about going to do my 10 minutes I wondered if I could still have a piece of pumpkin pie after, or should I have one before. 


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One response to “Baby Bump Update

  1. Sarah

    Don’t sweat it — wait until Feb. when you’re breastfeeding — that’s the best calorie burner ever!

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