Christmas Time Reflection

Hubby leaves for NC for a few days so I went on a 3 hour shopping mission to get closer to finishing the chore of Christmas shopping.  This time of year when panic starts to set in and I can’t seem to find the toys I saw only a few short weeks ago on the shelves the whole shopping experience does become a more of a chore than fun.  On top of that trying to figure out what to get people who don’t live in my home is even more nerve racking as I like to put thought into all my gifts and not buy for buying sake.

So todays adventure takes me to my local mall, the smaller one with a Macy’s in it.  I went in with some thoughts and then wandered around Bath and Body Works for 45 minutes.  That place is overwhelming.

So after that I stopped for a fresh pretzel with cheese and sat down to observe the mall walkers.  I spied a dad with two young children , maybe 2 and 4 at the most, that seemed to be waiting for someone, mom perhaps.  A little while later I say a young mom pushing a double stroller with baby twins.  The waiting 4 year old yelled mom to the woman pushing the stroller with twins.  In that moment I was so grateful that I was pregnant with only one single baby and that my children, who have not been the best behaved lately, at least were old enough to help me out once the baby does come. 

So one trip to the mall can really put ones life in perspective this holiday season.


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One response to “Christmas Time Reflection

  1. You are a better person than I am; I just come out of the mall thinking that I am poor, and my children are brats 🙂

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