Toy Tester

So its the day after Christmas and I am sitting with my children watching and helping them play with their new slew of toys.  As I am doing this I realize that some of these are not worth the money Santa, Grandma or I paid for them.  I wish I could have tested these things out first before I bought a few because they are the pits and some are made by big name brands — Disney is topping my list of do not buy again.

So here are a few of my most unfavorite toys the kids got this year and why:

Mickey’s Club House – Comes with only Mickey, really expensive, and does not really do much and with one character does not provide pretend play interaction. Plus all the attachments come off without much effort making it impossible to keep together.  Verdict – Buy more figures for this one.

Disney Micro Pix Camera – Kids digital camera, designed to be easy to use but with no flash and no preview screen the kids have to guess at what they are doing.  Reminds me of the first camera I got as a kids but without having to wait for film to develop.  Most photos turn out dark and blurry unless taken in direct light.  Cheap to buy but not a lot of good to use, in 30 year you think they could have designed a better first camera for kids.  Verdict -Need to rethink and possibly return for one better camera for the kids to use.

Elefun – I thought this game would be great but even with brand new batteries those butterflies come out one at a time and most stay stuck in the machine.  Kids get bored waiting for one at a time to come up the nose.  Plus my 5 year old just stands with his net near the top and gets all the butterflies and my 3 year just gets mad.  Not really designed for kids over 3-4 years.  Verdict – Finding the receipt for this one.

Wackamole Tower – This game claims to be for ages 4 and up but any 5 year old can slam the hammer down and make the top easily over and over again. Plus it is super loud and annoying.  Verdict – Sorry Grandma, this one is going back.

National Geographic Remote Spider – After an hour of use this spider gave up on going forward and the remote has to be within inches to activate.  Kids are not a big fan either.  Verdict – Return.



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3 responses to “Toy Tester

  1. A good camera for kids is the Fisher Price one. Clare got it last year for Christmas and loves it. It too has it’s pitfalls….but for the most part she can take a decent picture with it, and it has a preview screen for easy deleting. It also has an auto flash. My major complaint is that it only holds 66ish pictures, so I have to keep tabs on it and take pictures off it and put them on the computer. Some shots turn out blury…but it’s mostly because Clare needs to learn how to hold still when taking pics….and use the view screen to see her shot.

    We have Elefun…I think it’s going in our garage sale pile this summer. It was fun when she was like 2…but now it’s just too much time waiting for them to come out…or going crazy when a huge clump of them come out.

    I’m glad to hear your review of the Wackamole Tower. Clare wanted this, and I held back thinking it wouldn’t be that great of a game.

    Happy returning!

  2. thediaperdiaries

    Grace got the V-Tech camera for Christmas and I have no complaints. She absolutely loves it. We had the Elefun game and had the exact same problem. No matter how often we changed batteries the butterflies always got stuck.

  3. Uhh – we got tinker toys and Amish stuff. Yes, we’re weird. I don’t even know what most of the toys are that you mentioned 🙂

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