Great things for 2008

We rang in the New Year with a two other couple friends and all our kids.  This is the second year we have done this and that is the best way to go when you have little ones.  Both our kiddos almost made it to midnight but little Z past out in the car on the way home around 11:30pm but big J made it and I think it still wondering what the big deal was with me kissing him at midnight.  Probably at least 4 more years until all of our kids, including baby to be makes it to midnight

2007 was a pretty great year and I am looking forward even more to 2008. 

Here’s a 2007 recap –

  • Took the kids to Florida and Disney
  • Did a  lot of fun family stuff on weekends
  • Hung out with some good friends all year
  • Spent lots of time at the pool in the summer
  • Went camping
  • Saw my son catch his first fish
  • Got pregnant
  • Received promotion at work
  • Got a kitten (hubby is still out on that good idea)

So for 2008 –

  • We will have a baby beginning of Feb. – count down begins
  • Ask Heidi Klum for weight lose advice and resume my Victoria Secret modeling career
  • Finally start getting rid of baby stuff that I have had for 6 years
  • Teach my oldest how to ride a two wheeled bike
  • Have heart attack while hubby rides Harley this summer
  • Sell stupid jet ski and extra motorcycle in the garage that don’t get used
  • Much more to come

Here’s wishing everyone had a great 2007 and an even better 2008!


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