“D” Day

So I am getting closer to delivery day.  It is not scheduled but we having been talking with my doctor about the first week in Feb. about 2 weeks early.  My PUPPS rash is pretty bad and I am taking a low dose of steroids to help ease the itching so that I still have some skin left when the baby arrives.

I am starting to want to nest but also so low on energy at times and even in some pain that the idea of starting projects wears me out.  I can’t wait to have our little one here just so I can get my energy back and spend the time I am not able to with my kiddos.  I am sure they are sick of cuddling with me on the couch.   

Hubby and I are still preparing for a girl but I think we both have this little tiny spot of doubt.  Just so hard to believe.  Plus are boys are getting less and less excited about a new baby coming into the house and sharing their space.  That is a little bit of a bummer but we hope once she is here they will change their mind or at least fake it and pose for one photo. 😉



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3 responses to ““D” Day

  1. fog city mommy

    good luck!!!!

  2. ofebers

    Can’t wait to see her!

  3. I am sure that the boys will love her!! You will have to keep us updated as to when you think it might happen if you are to be induced. I hope that you save some skin for later!

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