Works for Me Wednesday – CD Organization

So I know it is a little past Wednesday but I have come up with some good tips for organization this new year.  My hubby bought be a ipod for Christmas which brought out our Rubbermaid storage tub of CD’s from the last 20 years.  These have been in hiding and not seen the light of day in over 10 years.  So I needed a way to get these organized and easier to find and listen to.  Here is what I came up with and it turned out pretty good.

 First I did some research into what was on the market that would fit our CD collection in a book type form.  I ended up using a Case Logic product you can find on Amazon for about $29 versus the same product at Best Buy for $49.  It holds up to 336 CD’s but the way I did it ended up fitting about half of that. 

I bought two of these and took all the CD’s out of their jewel case and kept all the front inserts.  I put the front insert artwork in one sleeve and the CD right next to it.  Since some CD’s are unidentifiable without this artwork piece and in case we ever sell them all and need this piece to seal the deal.  Hubby decided the keep the backs too but he has to find somewhere else to save those.  Taking that back part out is a little more work and they do not fit in the book without lots of folding.

The whole project took us two evenings and lots of decisions on what to keep and what to donate.  We still have some room left to purchase some more CD’s if we want but is a great option for us too.

Watch out DVD’s I am looking at you next.

So that is what worked for me.  For more ideas check out Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.


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