A Great ThursDay

This past Thursday will have to go in the record books as being a wonderfully great day.  It kinda of started earlier this week with a lot of work I put into a retail marketing presentation and another meeting I was preparing for.  Thursday was to be a day of meetings starting at 8am that would be intense, in the middle was to be lunch with my boss, and end with a staff meeting before I was planning on coming home at a descent hour after my busy as heck week.

So I made it to my first meeting on time and very prepared.  The meeting was running over into my next meeting that I was to help give the retail marketing plan I had worked on all the previous night.  My boss kept saying that we might have to postpone it.  I could not fathom that concept since I had  stayed up pretty late the night before finalizing the presentation and was ready to kick ass and present this awesome plan to our retail team. 

I kept telling my boss that the only plans I had after our retail meeting was lunch with her and surely we could cancel or delay that.  She just kept telling me not to worry.  I got back to the office and tried to still put together the meeting a half hour later than originally planned. 

The meeting was a success and I was so psyched.  We are ready to rock and roll with our plans.  But the second our meeting was over my boss had her coat on and was ready for lunch.  I figured she was just hungry but being I am nine months pregnant I could not go another second without a bathroom break.  After that I went to get my coat and the entire marketing staff had already left to lunch.  Strange that they all went at once but ok.

My boss and I left to Olive Garden.  I love this place for their soup and salad.  I think I go there about once a week.  I never bore of it and love it even more in the winter.  My boss drops me off at the door.  Have I said she treats me like I could break any second?  It is very sweet but at the same time I am a pretty independent person so it is sometimes overwhelming when a person treats you like you can not carry a piece of paper.  For those of you that know my past career as a hockey corporate sales person… I am used to chuck boxes, run around an arena 60 hours a week, and put signs on the ice rink arena during my pregnancies.  If this is the fattest I have been during any pregnancy it is because people around me are catering to me and spoiling me like crazy.  I guess I should feel lucky since this is my last and by now most people are probably like, what, pregnant again???

So now that I have digressed….  So my boss drops me off.  I put my name on the list and wait with my buzzer in hand.  Boss walks in and says lets go over here.  I am assuming to sit down but she walks past the chairs and turns the corner.  As I follow her I see everyone I work with in marketing, our CEO, the head of retail, and my mother in law at the table with gifts and lots of smiles.  I am so overwhelmed with happiness.  I hold back tears.  I feel so special and loved.  How lucky am I???  These wonderful people I work with thought enough to throw me a shower. 

They gave me so many wonderful gifts, lots of things for the baby to wear, to play with, a gift for each of my boys, and a wonderful gift certificate for a day at the spa for me. 

What a great day!!!  To top it all off hubby and I went on a date to the movies that night so I did not even have to cook dinner.  Bonus!

I don’t think any of those people besides my MIL reads this blog but a huge thank you to all of them for making me feel so special and loved.  For that I am so very lucky!  A bigger thank you to my mother in law for taking the time to  drive across town to have lunch with a bunch of people she does not know and buying some of the cutest baby girl clothes.   This little girl is definatley taking her out of her comfort zone 🙂



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6 responses to “A Great ThursDay

  1. So cool! There are so many cute clothesout there for a little girl that I stand in my girls’ rooms and am amazed at the amount of clothing that they have. I probably could outfit a small country of 2 and 4 year old girls. Just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet!

  2. MIL

    Sweetie, I would go anywhere and do anything for you as you are MY GIRL. Though soon you will have to share your title. Love You Lots!! I’ve always known you are special. Hows that for sappy!!!

  3. What an awesome group you work with!

  4. that almost makes me want to go back to work. I guess that is a bad reason though- for the gifts 🙂

  5. Cleavermama

    You deserve it! You are a wonderful person. I miss you! I can’t believe the arrival of Baby Girl Denton is less than a month away……….CRAZY!

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