Monday Movie Reviews

I am bringing back this oldie but goodie.

This past week and through the weekend I saw the following:  Mr. Woodcock, Good Luck Chuck, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, 27 Dresses, and Borne Ultimatum.

 Ok before you start thinking wow, what a lazy butt.  I am 9 months pregnant and there is not much else I have energy to do 🙂

 Mr. Woodcock – starring Sean William Scott, Susan Sarandon, Billy Bob Thornton, and SNL’s Amy Pohler.  It’s a comedy and definitely worth the rental if you want a good belly laugh.  I love Amy Pohler’s character.  Even if you hate Billy Bob she makes the movie laughable all by herself.  2 thumbs from me and my hubby.

Good Luck Chuck – stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.  Very funny but watch out for the crazy sex sequence, although it is funny too.  This movie almost made me pee my pants in parts.  Good comedy, romantic or otherwise.  Plus if you like penguins or weird animal facts this one is for you.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead – This movie title is way too long as was the movie and the amount of time it took to get to the point.  Starring Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman (remember him from Boogie Nights? Can’t get that character out of my head every-time I see this guy.)  This movie had an interesting story but the forward backward squencing was not doing it for me and just really tried to be much more than it was.  Moral of the story, don’t try and rob your parents store for money, someone will get hurt.  Don’t even bother renting.  No thumbs. 

27 Dresses – Katherine Heigle,  James Marsden (where has this cutie been?), Judy Greer (plays the best girlfriend) and  Malin Akerman (she plays the same character in every movie).  Really cute story but I hated that Heigle’s character was such a pushover that could never say what she really wanted until the end.  I think if I were just engaged, dating, or newly married I would like this one much more.  I kind of felt a little old for this one.  Plus no one I know would ever be that generous to over 27 brides.  See it for what it is, cheesy romantic comedy and don’t analyze.  A rental not a go see at the theater.  One thumb up.

Borne Ultimatum – Stars – Matt Damon.  I am not a shoot em up, chase em down, kick their butts kind of movie goer anymore.  It has to have a story line and this one could not even turn my head from my Sudoku book.  You had to have recently seen the last Borne movie to know what was going on from the beginning and then this was not a movie you could jump in half way to figure out.  Basically the CIA is bad and Jason Borne finally figures out who he is and why he got involved in this whole 3 part series movie thing, although I am still confused.  So good for him and thank goodness it is over.  Hubby gives it one thumb sideways and he likes those shoot em up movies.  Don’t bother 🙂


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