Baby Bump Update Again

Went to the doctor today and with the flu going through my house she really is suggesting I get a flu shot at the hospital.  Knock on wood, I have not gotten it so far.  I do fear that if I go into labor over the weekend that I am going to have to get someone to scour my house with bleach before I get home to kill all the germs.

I am still really 19 days away from my due date so not sure if I will go early or end up being induced next weekend.  My doctor would really like me to go natural and will see how I am doing at my next Wed. appointment before letting me induce.  She stripped my membranes today which is supposed  to get things going but has never worked in the past.  Who knows.

So I sit here with a sick family, snowed in my home with the past few days of snowy weather and wait.  Although I plan to get out this weekend to a movie and a relaxing pedicure.


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One response to “Baby Bump Update Again

  1. Who knows with #3, maybe things will move along early…especially measuring big. Can’t wait to meet the little gal!

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