Triage Virgin

So I ended up in L&D triage today because I had pains so bad from contractions that I thought that this was finally it.  Hubby had to race home from working in Holland, grandma had to hurry over to watch the kiddos, I had to still pack my bag and in the meantime I thought my contractions might rip my side out.  Going into labor naturally is for the birds!  I have been induced both other times and I totally prefer a nice planned, controlled induction complete with epidural. 

So hubby made it home and off we went to the hospital triage.  They hooked me up to the monitors and pretty much the contractions lessened in pain.  After about an hour and a half they sent me home.  On top of that the nurse tried to tell me that my doctor could not induce me on Sunday like I had originally had planned out with her.  I was in shock and then I was pissed.  I felt stupid and like a burden on everyone.

I do not want to go through another week of this.  Call it selfish or whatever but when I am carrying around extra amnio fluid and am the size of the house, going into labor every evening and now during the day I have had enough.  We know she is big enough to to do great outside the womb, I am 9 days from my due date, my doctor is going on vacation the week I am due, and I am so ready.

Thank goodness my doctor called me once I got home from the hospital to help get me out of my bad mood.  I am scheduled to go in on Sunday and she thinks because of all the extra fluid my uterus is fizzling out the contractions because it has to work so much harder. 

So this is my last post as a pregnant mommy.  I will be writing as a skinnier mom with a newborn sometime next week to share my birth story.  Wish me luck.



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5 responses to “Triage Virgin

  1. Amanda

    I can’t wait to see her! You are not the size of a house dearie. You are just carrying one fiesty little girl. Hey, she has already managed to give one of the toughest mom’s I know hell so that says something 🙂

  2. momtotwoboys

    totally understand the extra amnio…what a pain! good luck!!! can’t wait to see pics!

  3. I’ve seen you in the school parking lot…you are not the size of a house! I can’t wait to see pics and hear about the newest addition to the Adventure Mom household in the upcoming week.

  4. fog city mommy

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!

    good luck!!

    don’t be afraid of the C!!!

  5. Joslyn

    good luck stef! i can’t wait to see pics of your daughter 🙂

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