Here She is…


Miss Kaitlyn Olivia.  7lbs 7oz.  Born Sunday, Feb. 10th at 12pm.  She is beautiful and healthy.  Her big brothers, dad and I are so in love with her.



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8 responses to “Here She is…

  1. aunt tracy

    she is so pretty.. What do the boys think? Congrats i wish you all the best

  2. makingmyownfun

    Look at all that hair! She is so bright eyed. Congratulations on your beautiful little one. 🙂

  3. Congrats. It’s about time one of your children looked a little bit like you! She’s gorgeous and has me craving a 3rd one myself!

  4. Colette

    Congratulations on your precious angel. She looks so beautiful!!! So happy for you and your family.
    Hurray for babies. 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Well done 🙂

  6. cleavermama

    I can not wait to meet her and hear your birth story! Way to go!

  7. ofebers

    Were the boys dark? She’s beautiful!

  8. fog city mommy

    Congrats!!! I love the eyes! You are so lucky! and what a beautiful name!

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