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Things I love Thursday

Since being on maternity leave I have watched more TV than I probably should.  In doing so I have rediscovered a show I really liked and I found a new one.  My rediscovery is Ellen, I love her and her wit and I really have enjoyed discovering The View, mostly for Whoopi.  I might have to DVR these when I go back to work in 3 weeks.  I am sure my hubby is going to love that since in the last year I have fallen in love with Oprah and DVR her shows too.  Anyone else love these ladies???  I guess it could be worse, I could be watching soap operas.



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Wii Want to Play

I can’t believe my luck but yesterday after looking since Christmas I found a Wii at my favorite store…  Target!  Who does not love Target.  I had a sitter and I think I spent an hour wandering the store. 

I was wandering the toy aisle looking for birthday ideas when I heard this lady on her cell trying to convince here friend to come and buy the other 2 Wii’s that the store would not let her buy on top of the 2 she already purchased.  Some people are just plain greedy.  No wonder you can’t find Wii’s anywhere.  I just wanted to buy one for my family and I could not help but smile when the lady on the phone let her friend know that this lady (me) had just purchased a Wii. 

I was so tickled that I found the Wii and that I could surprise my sons and hubby later that afternoon with it.  We have been playing every evening and technically the TV has not been watched ever since. 


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I Love Pampers!!!

With baby #3 I thought I would try and save a little money and try out cheaper brand diapers even though my heart has always belonged to Pampers.  I got a coupon for free Luvs and tried them and they are close to card board in feel even though they hold up well. I tried a weird Fisher Price brand and they were plasticy feeling.  Huggies newborns were ok.

But today after 6 weeks I opened up trusty old Pampers and there they were.  Soft on the outside and so absorbant in the middle.  I love Pampers diappies, but not their wipes :)!


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Works for Me Wednesday – Pamper Yourself


Every woman on this planet needs to pamper herself without guilt.  I was raised by my dad and I seemed to remember him always encouraging me to go to a salon to get my hair cut and styled and  special times getting manicures for fun events.  He never poo-pooed all things girly and he set in my mind the idea of taking care of ones self which as an adult I interpret as pampering myself at the local spa.  And after almost 8 years of marriage my hubby understands my need for monthly pedicures and my yearly spa weekend with the girls.  He even mentioned to one of his buddies once that this is what girls do, trying to encourage his friend to let his wife accompany me on a pedicure trip.  Pretty good for a man born into a family of all boys.

For my birthday last week I used the spa gift certificate my wonderful co-workers bought for me to indulge in a few spa treatments.  As I was getting my so relaxing full body massage and then facial I thought, every woman should do this. 

So spoil yourself at least once a year, and if you can try it two times a year.  For me I am going to request the this be an every birthday, Valentines, Mother’s Day and any other holiday I can find reason to treat myself.  Plus there is always the monthly pedicure.  So be good to yourself, you only have one body and one life.  And if momma is happy so is everyone else 🙂

For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas check the link.


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Baby Sister

So if anyone was wondering if my boys are smitten with their sister I have the proof.  Tonight I brought dinner to a dear friend who had a baby and the boys ran in to see her baby for a couple of minutes.  Baby K was sleeping soundly so I left the door open as I chatted quick.  Then I told the boys to run back to the car to make sure that little K was ok as we were leaving.  I get in the car and J turns to me and says she was crying tears as he is holding her diddy (pacifier) in her mouth.  Then he says, she almost made me cry tears too.  Oh so sweet…

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Do You Freecycle?

So I was watching the news this week and they did a story on Freecycle.  This website for people looking to get rid of stuff for free.  I heard about it awhile ago and was reminded about it because of the news.  I went and registered this time and now I am getting the daily digests.  I have stuff that I can Freecycle but then the greedy part of me thinks, I could ebay this stuff too,  or the lazy part thinks it is so much easier to donate it to Goodwill. 

 I get the idea and think it is great that people are working hard to keep things out of landfills.  There are also people going through grocery store garbage’s too for the same idea of wasting less but I would not do that.  Thanks for that idea Oprah but that one is not for me. 

So the question is does anyone Freecycle and how do you like it? 

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Turning 32, it’s only just begun…

I so should be sleeping right now but I am not.  Little K is sleeping beside me and I am surfing the web for a few moments before I hit the hay too.

I turned 32 yesterday and I am pretty excited about it.  I am getting older but I am going to grow old gracefully by fighting the gray and wrinkles all the way. 🙂

2008 is great so far and I feel like my life has really just begun.  You work your whole life to get through things.  Get through high school, the teenage years, college, then you finally get a job, get married, buy a house and the kids come.  I feel like having little K completes our family and this is it.  Our life is just beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, all the things that happened in my life along the way to get where we are now were important and has both good and crazy memories but now I am finally living in the now, not for the job, wondering about another baby, or anything else.  This is the life we worked for.

I am 32 and feeling good.  Now we live our life as a family and enjoy the ride.

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