Pregnancy Politeness

So I love not being pregnant and waddling every where I go.  But today I ventured out of the house for awhile to visit a local thrift store and I realized that when not pregnant you are not treated quite the same way.

I think that when someone is pregnant people sort of step out of the way and move aside with that “awe how sweet she is pregnant” look in their eye.  Being the pregnant person I think I did not realize that this was happening and now that I am not I keep wondering why these rude people do not get out of my way.   Don’t they see me coming?  Don’t they know I want to look at the rack I am trying to get too?  This whole thing was probably exacerbated by the fact that people were hunting for the same bargains I was in a crowded store.  I still think if I was pregnant people would have been a little nicer and moved aside.  Either way I made out with a brand new in the package My Little Pony for when Miss K turns 2.  I know…  but it will be here before you know it and I could not resist the .99 price tag 🙂 



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Politeness

  1. Next thing you know you’ll be sitting at My Little Pony Live like I was yesterday!

  2. Thanks for entering the beach towel giveaway – good luck!

    Your children are beautiful – and congratulations!!!

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