Underwire or Not to Underwire

I HATE bra shopping.  Anyone else with me? 

Those that know me personally know that I am cursedblessed with breasts large enough to nurse a small country.  This makes shopping for bras a doubly annoying task.  Victoria’s Secret has only one bra that currently fits me when I am not nursing that does not make me look like I have torpedo boobs.  My bras are never pretty and lace is not an option and usually the only color choices I have are white, black and nude with underwire.

So today I went to a store that has great full service bra sizing and measurements for bra shopping when you are nursing called Baby Beloved.  It is a great little store that Grand Rapids is lucky to have.  Unfortunately I did not find out about them until the 3rd baby.  Thank goodness I did though because the girls a.k.a. boobs where not happy in the cheap bra from Motherhood Maternity that I purchased one baby ago that left them hanging out all over.

So to the topic of underwire…  All my bras have always had underwire back to probably my training bra which I think I skipped and went right to expert anyways.  So today I was fitted and tried on about 20 bras and a few of them without wire.  Not since my sportsbras have I felt support without a wire.  I could not believe it.

So my girls and I thank Baby Beloved for this comfy wireless bra.  Now I only wish they sold non-nursing bras too.



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2 responses to “Underwire or Not to Underwire

  1. I found them when I had baby #2. Jamie and Kelly are the best! I love them both and truly love what they do!!

  2. They are the best!! I also got the non underwire one this time and I wear them all the time. I had to go back and get another one. Never mind that it costs a fortune! They work so well.

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