One Month Old

Little K princess turned one month today.  She is super cute, even cuter than the day she was born if that is possible.  She had a big outing today with me to the Women’s Expo where everyone oohed over her smallness and tons of hair.  I was on mother bear alert in case some crazy woman tried to lay a germ filled hand on her.  I am a little obsessive on keeping her out of anyone’s reach that I do not know with all the illness that is going around.  Plus why do strangers think it is ok to touch your belly when you are pregnant or put their hands on an infant they do not know?  This boggles my mind.

Little K did great on her outing snuggled up to me in the carrier.  I love Bjorn.  And I had fun being out conversing with adults while trying lotions, buying stuff I don’t need, like 17 pairs of socks and a super cute pink and green polka dot bag for all my girly trips that I go on once a year.

So again, little K turned one month and I made the announcement to the boys this morning and no one really understood why it probably is a little bigger deal to me.  I think hubby got it because he mentioned that she would never be one month again.  He is right.  Sigh….  My little K will grow up and crawl and do all the things she is supposed to like her older bigger brothers.  Then in a few years I will hold a friends baby and ohh and ahhh in the wonder of forgetting how small my children once were. 



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3 responses to “One Month Old

  1. cleavermama

    She is so adorable!

  2. I know the feeling! Time goes so fast and there is something about those little girls that gets cuter and cuter everyday!

  3. hotomom

    Hello I just want to tell you I lurk on your blog sometimes and enjoy reading your daily posts. I also wanted to say that I get really sad sometimes because my babies are done being babies. I miss that Baby Bjorn stage and laying on your chest to snuggle, just not enough for another one. Congratulations by the way.

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