Do You Freecycle?

So I was watching the news this week and they did a story on Freecycle.  This website for people looking to get rid of stuff for free.  I heard about it awhile ago and was reminded about it because of the news.  I went and registered this time and now I am getting the daily digests.  I have stuff that I can Freecycle but then the greedy part of me thinks, I could ebay this stuff too,  or the lazy part thinks it is so much easier to donate it to Goodwill. 

 I get the idea and think it is great that people are working hard to keep things out of landfills.  There are also people going through grocery store garbage’s too for the same idea of wasting less but I would not do that.  Thanks for that idea Oprah but that one is not for me. 

So the question is does anyone Freecycle and how do you like it? 


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One response to “Do You Freecycle?

  1. I did it for a while, I got really tired of people not showing up to pick up their stuff. Once I had a woman come at 11:30pm when she should have been there at 7:30. We were already in bed, it was so annoying.

    I love the idea though, hopefully you will have better luck.

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