I Love Pampers!!!

With baby #3 I thought I would try and save a little money and try out cheaper brand diapers even though my heart has always belonged to Pampers.  I got a coupon for free Luvs and tried them and they are close to card board in feel even though they hold up well. I tried a weird Fisher Price brand and they were plasticy feeling.  Huggies newborns were ok.

But today after 6 weeks I opened up trusty old Pampers and there they were.  Soft on the outside and so absorbant in the middle.  I love Pampers diappies, but not their wipes :)!



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4 responses to “I Love Pampers!!!

  1. I am still using Seventh Generation, only at night now since the youngest toilet trained. I would recommend them for newborns. Soft inside and out! You get a great deal at amazon.com or you could try them out from Harvest Health. They have cotton in them and are chlorine free so they don’t irritate the skin like the others. If I can talk my hubby into a 3rd bundle of joy, I will so use these!

  2. I couldn’t use any other brand but Pampers with Clare either. They were the only ones that could stand up to my big standards!

  3. I love Luvs right now for Gret but I was a Huggies snob with the boys. Now Anson just gets Sam’s Club brand.

  4. I don’t like Luvs until they are older, then I love them. For babies I am all about Pampers too!

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