Sorting Laundry!!!

I like to contribute to the blog roll Works for Me Wednesdays but there are many weeks when I realize Wed. was three days ago and I missed the deadline.  Not only am I a contributor but I am a reader too.  So I perused this weeks blog links looking for something to help naturally cure my little K’s cradle cap and I came across a posting about sorting laundry.  Since most of the posts have some neat ideas and helpful hints I thought, my laundry is out of control so what the heck I’ll read.  So I am in for a treat because here is the (no pun intended) laundry list of how to sort all the laundry ever created.  Let me just say after a day of screaming baby, shopping for my 6 year olds birthday with hubby, trying to pay bills, making a meatloaf for dinner, and trying to unload the dishwasher in-between breastfeedings I am about as likely to sort the laundry like this as I am to have another baby.  I am including an excerpt to share one woman’s idea of doing laundry.  In the meantime I will continue to sort my laundry into two groups, whites and colors.  Although for a year or so I have a new sort group – baby.  I do however mix it up with a touch of liquid fabric softener.  That just helps to cover the mildew smell after leaving it in the wash for a day too many 😉

Sort for Success! by another blogger – not me

  • White towels and athletic socks.
  • White items with no “lint or print”–plain t shirts, sheets, cotton socks, dress shirts, undergarments.
  • Semi-whites–lightest pastels, screened t shirts, white background with colored pattern, etc.–no lint.
  • Semi-whites–sweatpants, pyjamas, etc.–anything white or light with fluff.
  • Light colors (no lint): khakis, shirts, etc.
  • Light colors (with lint): flannel, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Dark/bright colors (no lint)–wash each item separately the first time to minimize the chance of the color bleeding onto other garments. Jeans, shirts, etc.
  • Dark/bright colors (with lint)–wash sweaters separately or in individual mesh bags to avoid pilling and picking up the lint from other items.
  • Black (no lint)–dress pants, shirts, socks, underwear. Line dry to avoid fading.
  • Black (with lint)–socks, towels, etc.
  • Kitchen towels and rags.

 Wow, I never knew there were so many ways to sort.



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7 responses to “Sorting Laundry!!!

  1. I guess I don’t do laundry correctly! Oh, well, but about the cradle cap…my first one had it terribly. We used vitamin E oil and a two sided brush – one side with soft bristles and one side that was sponge-like. We lubed him up with the oil with the sponge and then gently scraped away all the cap with the bristle side. It was amazing after a couple of days how much better it was! But you do have to keep on it. I don’t believe there is a complete cure except for aging and time 😦 My husband called it cradle crap. He hated it more than I did!

  2. I can’t even imagine your laundry. I remember when we went from one kid to two, we had 4 times as much laundry all of a sudden. I would guess going from 2 to three means all of your clothes are in a basket somewhere, at all times. It would at my house anyway 🙂

  3. Wow, that is quite the list. Sounds like somebody needs a hobby.

  4. If I sorted my laundry that way – I don’t know if I’d ever really get the laundry done. I’d be so busy sorting that I’d forget to do the laundry.

  5. I just wash everything in cold and never worry about sorting until it’s folded.

  6. Alicia

    That list is INSANE!! It just seems to create more work than anything!

    With SEVEN people in my house I found a 4-step way to sort laundry which makes it really easy! All the kids get it and help too! In order of priority(basically 1 supercedes 2):

    1. Ash’s all together

    2. all whites with no color – underwear, socks, towels, tees etc…

    3. Johns all together

    4. mine, T’s, A’s and G’s all together (except those few special things of mine)

    Occasionally if I have enough red I will put that all together and when I fill the washer I also semi-sort lights and darks for me and the boys only.

    Jess does her own.

    Everything gets line dried except during long bouts of bad weather or if I get ill and behind!


    Olive oil on the cradle cap works wonders. Derek had it awful. I also have a bottle of the expensive stuff that we bought because I got sick of my new baby smelling like noodles. You can have it if you would like. See you Wednesday!

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