Green with Guilt

So I have been recycling for over 3 years now.  Hard to believe it has been that long.  But all the time I try and see what else I can recycle instead of throwing into a landfill.  It is getting to the point that I start to feel guilty about throwing just about anything away.  I think about how long it is going to take to break down in a landfill.  A stray sock, clothing that is ripped, stuff I don’t want and know no one else wants either I start wondering what to do with other than throw away?  I came up with a new use for my hubby’s old holey socks… dust rags.  But what about all the other stuff? 

I know I have to throw some things away, there is just no way around it but our purchases now days come with just so much packaging.  I look at things and wonder if all of it is so neccessary.  Here are some of my gripes about wasteful packaging:  double bagging at the stores, bags for produce you use for the 10 minute ride home, kids toy packaging, plastic on just about everything.

I am sure I am not the only one fed up with all the waste.  But now I have the guilt but I know it should be shared with the manufacturers of these products.  Oh well, in the meantime I will continue to recycle and donate to try ad make this world a little greener.

By the way, if there are a ton of spelling errors I apologize, the spell check has disappeared off the options on my blog writing tools.  Also, where did my blogroll go?



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3 responses to “Green with Guilt

  1. I too hate all the plastic extra’s that come on kids toys. I spend more time unpackaging them than I did on the time I took to think about what to buy. I wish they’d stop with all the extra’s just to make the packaging look perfect while it sits on a store shelf.

    Oh, and you’re blogroll is here this morning.

  2. Yes, where is spellcheck??? I am going very crazy.

  3. Yeah that was a fun upgrade. Good times, WordPress. Anyway – no you are totally not alone in the packaging frustration. I am trying to buy not bulk exactly, but not single serving size foods. The trick now is not to think of an entire bag of (whatever) as a single serving when really, there are 14.

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