Middle Child

I am so in love with each of my children.  Each of them are a blessing and so different from each other.  I always wanted three children but when pregnant with my last baby I felt guilty turning my little Z into the “middle” child.  And it seems as though the second I came home from the hospital he turned into the “middle” child. 

Hubby and I are saddened by it, frustrated at times with his acting out, and racking our brains on what to do to make him feel secure in his place in our family, with himself, and special. 

I keep encouraging him at all the things he can do as a big boy.  Try to catch him doing good.  Involve him with the baby.  I know he is not interested in doing playgroups and I know he needs some socialization.  I am thinking maybe Gymco but who knows.  He is more of a fine motor skill child so I keep racking my brain on things to get him involved with that he can call his own.

I can’t wait to try preschool again in the fall.  I cross my fingers it will go better than this last year.



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2 responses to “Middle Child

  1. What about some type of art class through GR Rec? I know they offer lots of fun stuff like that, and it’d be a great time for him to do something special.

  2. Give it a little time. A lot of kids act up when a new baby comes along “middle child” or not. I wouldn’t start worrying too much. Lily took a while to adjust too.

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