I love camping and I married someone who only tolerates it to keep me from b*tching at him to go.  On top of that I am lucky enough to have two children so far that love camping too.  So in an effort to keep hubby and I from fighting while on these camping trips I drag him too we purchased a pop up with electric capabilities to be able to bring along a DVD player and TV to keep him occupied. Can’t you tell how much of a nature lover he is?  So while I sit around the fire and chat with friends or family, depending on who we are camping with, he sits in the camper watching reruns of M.A.S.H.

For the last two years we have talked about getting a bigger and newer one that would be even easier to take up and put down than the one we have.  This year thanks to my dad and his wife they found a buyer for our camper.  I settled on a little bit of a lower price than I wanted because my frugal and camping hater hubby is holding tight the pop up camper budget.  But in the end I am planning on spending this money plus a little more on another one.  Each day I search Craig’s List hoping to find the pop-up of my dreams but so far no luck.  Hubby is trying to talk me out of getting one all together but I really like camping and refuse to give up on it.  With the baby we might only be able to camp once or twice this year but I will only go if we have another pop up so I hope we find something.  But if not once the baby is walking next summer camping will be even more fun. 

Look out Michigan campgrounds the D family will be coming soon!


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  1. I love camping too and so does my hubby (I think)… for now we just camp in a tent with an air mattress, but he grew up camping in a tent trailer and wants one someday. I asked him if we could get an RV when we are older with a trailer that fits two Harley’s in it when we want to get away :o)

    Ps. I got my stove clean with Easy off stray :o) The fume free kind.

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