House for Sale… Again

Today we ventured into the world of real estate.  Meaning we put our quickly shrinking house up for sale.  In Michigan it is a gamble because there is a lot for sale and not a lot moving.  We signed a 6 month contract but I am hoping that it will sell at least by the end of summer.  I will post a link when it hits the website just in case you are in the market to by a fabulous house like ours 😉 

Those that know us in real life know that we actually put our house up for sale last year and sold it but backed out during the inspections based on our then current life situation.  So when we got pregnant a few months after unselling our house we regretted it a little and now that little K is here I regret it a ton but what can you do.  You make decisions with the cards you are currently dealt and not the unknown. 

My hope is that we sell the house soon as we put it on the market at a really fair price, not much more than what we bought it for 7 years ago, sad but that is the market right now.  I hope that this gamble works and we get something outstanding at a steal.  Wish us luck!



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4 responses to “House for Sale… Again

  1. Aunt Tracy

    well I wish you all the best selling your house you could always move out here to Az… LOL
    Things are slow all over i think.
    Good Luck

  2. I wish you luck once again. So, when you move are you going to stay at our school or are you looking for at a new school district?

  3. Yes; good luck!! I like your house; if we were in the market we’d look for that kind of set up. We aren’t, but there will be someone. Plus you guys have a great back yard.

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