Wii Bowling

Hubby and I had the parents over for dinner tonight.  The kids adore their grandparents as much as any two kids could.  So having them over to dinner is an adventure because the whole time we hear, Grandma sit by me, no Grandma sit by me, Grandma watch me, Grandma lets play bear (I am not sure what this new game is.. maybe a cross between hide and seek and hunting), Grandma push me on the swing, Grandma come in my bedroom to play, Grandma, Grandma, Grandma.  Poor Grandma does not get much time to have a conversation with hubby and I until kids go to bed.

So tonight after we washed their dirty feet, hands, and knees, had a bed time snack, played a board game, and Grandma read stories we had a chance to do what all adults do when kids go to bed…  Wii bowl!

Grandma and Grandpa have not played Wii before and it was fun to teach them and play a game of bowling with them.  Now next time when Grandma comes over it will be, Grandma… Wii bowl with us.  Have fun Grandma! 



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2 responses to “Wii Bowling

  1. fog city mommy

    oh my god, love the pic up there. it’s adorable!!!!!

    and grandparents and a wii? coolness.


  2. MIL

    Love being Grandma and playing. Miss you guys sometimes but there will be plenty of time later. They grow so fast. They are the Love of Grandmas life. Bowling was fun though.

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