I am pretty tired so I am only going to be writing this one post for the week.  I am having a hard time even getting on the computer.  Here’s why:

Hubby and I spent the weekend doing outside home repairs as our house is on the market.  I scrapped and painted our back deck.  It is looking pretty good but needs another coat of paint but I am dodging possible rain and now pollen as the trees go through their spring stages. 

Next came Sunday night with my stupid cat bringing home two baby bunnies on my back deck.  One was dead and the other died in my hands.  I am really starting to not like my one eye cat.  I don’t care if it is nature this cat likes to sleep with my little Z and I just wonder what parasites run through her body.  I don’t know what to do with her.  She is 10 years old, has one eye and hunts like Ted Nugent.

Then I went back to work this week after being on maternity leave.  Even though it was only 2 days Miss K seems to have taken offense to it and refused to sleep good the last two nights and not nap by herself today.  She seemed to only be satisfied if I was holding her and then she was still a little annoyed.  Oh Miss K, if I don’t work who will pay for our manicures and pedicures 🙂

As if this new change in our life is not enough I decided to sign up J for tee ball.  I thought J man would like to play a new sport this spring.  Since I was new to the whole baseball thing I did not realize you had to sign them up for it in utero.  Even though I was late with registration I still got the call yesterday he was on a tee ball team.  His dad was so proud that he made the team, I guess I won’t burst his bubble that there are not try outs and it costs $75 🙂 

My hubby played little league but that was the end of his sports career minus a videogame version here or there.  When I met hubby his lack of interest in sports was one of his most enduring qualities.  Unlike my childhood, I would not have to spend married life on Sunday afternoons or Monday nights having to watch football.  Well let me tell you after I ended up working for the local hockey team in our town for 5 years hubby seemed to get interested in sports.  Now he pretty much will watch anything but golf.  The point is I think now he may be come one of “those dads”.  You know the ones…  They want their kid to be the best on the field, yell and scream from the sidelines, and maybe become a little overly disappointed if their kid does not score the winning goal? 

I saw a little glimpse of this when I signed little J man up for Tiny Tot soccer at age 3 and hubby could not believe our 3 year old was so distracted.  I think most 3 year olds are distracted by the wind so I did not think it would hurt his soccer career.

So after I got the call about tee ball I reminded hubby that he is not to be “that father”.  He looked at me blankly but I know he knows what I am talking about.  Today when we went to my favorite store, Target, to pick up some supplies hubby bought a bat, balls, 2 gloves, and a tee.  No pressure little J.

When J came home I told him we had gotten some items for tee ball.  I sat quietly in the house listening through the open screen door to the banter between father and son over tee ball practice.  I let them do their thing but then I had to give daddy a time out and just let J have fun.  I mean at this age isn’t that the point?

Little K is currently sleeping, hubby is watch the Tigers and I am going to bed.



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2 responses to “Exhausted

  1. Wow, keep us posted on that one. The sad thing is in our family, that parent might be me. I am afraid.

  2. I enjoyed this look into the beginning of tee-ball for your family. I coached Little League for a number of years, and I think it’s good for parents to help kids learn to play (if the kids want to of course). I talk about my nostalgia for the days when my son and I went to the park every day (at his request) in a recent post called “Looking Back At a Rocky Little League Start” to my blog.

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