Cheesy Fun

“Cheese makes everything better!”

Hubby is gone on his first out of town work trip.  So it is my first time with the 3 kids alone for the next couple of days.  On top of that I decided that the kids spent way to much time on the Wii this weekend so I banned all video games for the night making for much complaining at first and leaving me to give entertainment suggestions.

Since this is only my second week back to work, day 3 for those of you counting, I am still trying to get the hang of things with work.  Miss K is still adjusting to spending days with grandma.  And for added fun I signed Jman up for tee ball with practices twice a week, albiet entertaining to watch 6 years olds play baseball it also makes for a busy last part of the week.

So in an effort to have a little fun this evening we had a little self portrait photo shoot.  Have you ever tried to take a self portrait with 3 kids?  Here are the results:



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5 responses to “Cheesy Fun

  1. Aunt Tracy

    so cute!!!!

  2. MIL

    Beautiful! Looks like you are surviving and enjoying your family.


    Love it!

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