Swiffer Dusters

Today a package arrived.  It was almost like it was from the heavens but really just from Fed Ex and Swiffer.  I have a couple of blogger friends who get free products to try and I have been wondering how they do it.  Well I think I just got my second free products to try.  Yippeee!!!!

My 3 year old was so excited that there was a delivery for me and he ran and got it.  Inside this box was a Swiffer Duster and Febreeze Allegeren Reducer.  Let me tell you that when this package arrived I was in the middle of dusting with my hubbies holey sock.  We are preparing for our open house this weekend and let me tell you there are more than a few places that have not seen dusting since before I got pregnant over a year ago now.  How sad, I know but playing with my kids is so much more fun than dusting the chandelier.

So I digress…  Z and I opened the package with delight and put the new duster together and gave her a whirl.  Let me tell you I have thought about buying this product before and now after trying it I can see it is money well spent.  I liked using it because it shows how gross and dusty your house is on the duster and it keeps the dust on the duster, unlike my hubbies sock where the dust piles up and falls off.  The bonus is Z thought it was fun to use so I gave him the chore of doing it and he was off and loving it. 

Keep those samples coming…  I love to try new things. 


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