Desperate Housewives

I love this show and tonights season finale was great but what was up with that ending?  If you have DVR’ed or heaven forbid, taped it, then stop reading.

Every story from this season was wrapped up nicely.  We found out why Dillon could never remember her past.  We gained insight into Katherine and saw the ladies back her up when she needed it more than ever.  We saw Tom finally stand up and be the man he needed to for Lynette and they even gave us an awe moment.  But… with just 3 minutes left they gave us a sneak of what we can expect this fall.  This was by showing us where they are picking up next season five years later.  Gabby looks like she is not living the lifestyle she has previously with no make up, tossled outfits, and two kids running around?  Bre is back with Orson, no suprise there.  Katherine gets a call from Dillon who is engaged in Paris.  Lynette and Tom are dealing with the police because of their teenagers.  Oh and no sign of Edie Brit.  Who knows what is happening with her charachter.   All of which I might be able to handle and look forward to until the last update… Susan walks in the door to another man who is not Mike (James Denton)!!!  What the heck!!!  What in the world happend to Mike and I certainly hope they are not getting rid of him.  He has the coolest last name and pretty good eye candy too.  My hubby is not happy or excited about next season, oh well, we have to wait and see and hope that the next season is just as good as this one has been. 



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2 responses to “Desperate Housewives

  1. So, I was reading your blog yesterday….and had to stop reading until I was able to finish watching the season finale last night. I don’t know if the last part (5 years later) is really what next season is going to be about…I’m hoping they just went for the “WHAT” factor – because that’s what came out of my mouth last night.

  2. I just watched. Thanks for the heads up or I would have read right through your blog. THis show continues to frustrate me. Argh!!

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