Tee Ball

We had the best time watching our oldest son this weekend play in his first tee ball game.  I am not a huge sports fan but there is something about watching my son play ball for the first time that was pretty amazing.  I was so excited for him and proud of him too.  He was adorable in his little uniform and white pants.  He hit the ball, played first base and got to play catcher too, even though he had no idea what he was doing while wearing the catchers mask. 

I am not sure how long the game lasted because I spent most of the game running back and forth to my chair switching from camera to video camera to make sure I could capture all those tee ball moments.  The teams don’t keep score when they are playing tee ball, which I think it weird because they tag people out of the game.  You can pretty much tell who is winning but it all pretty great nonetheless.  Afterward we went out for ice cream and it was a great end to a tee ball morning.


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  1. Aww! What a cute picture! I bet that was an exciting day for everyone.

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