Film Is Dead

Today is a sad sad day for me. 6 years ago I purchased a semi professional Nikon SLT film camera when I started to really develop an interest in photography.  I took some classes and purchased an enlarger and started making my own black and white prints in my basement.  I really loved taking close ups of nature and interesting objects and turning them into art.  I still have the photos on my wall that remind me of my hobby.  But since having children I have not had the time or the ambition to even pick up the film camera and play around.  With the digital point and shoots so easy to use and the need for so much speed to capture those childhood moments I thought I might not get back in the darkroom when my kids went off to college anyway.  So today I finally decided to take my Nikon SLT film camera and two lens to the camera shop and see what it might be worth as trade. Before I went I looked on Ebay so I would not be so shocked but looking on ebay I was still surprised to find the film cameras are pretty much dead equipment.  My same camera was selling for around $10.  I tried to remain hopeful and try my local camera shop.  They might think there was value in my equipment right?  But I was sadly mistaken. I was offered not much over $50 for the whole lot and that was in trade towards some new gear.  Ouch…  I have been hanging onto all my darkroom equipment too and after talking with the camera guys I found out that you can’t buy Kodak developing solution for film anymore.  Pretty soon film won’t be easily found either.  WOW.  Digital came in an made film extinct, wish I had dusted off the camera a few years ago so I could get more on trade.  Oh well, Craig’s List here I come… 


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  1. Maybe we could have a funeral with Tomas’s old camera as well. That’s just sitting in our basement waiting for a purpose.

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