Been Awhile…

I owe huge updates on the D family.  I have been a single mom for over a week now.  I am proud of myself because I actually changed the cat litter.  Hubby won’t believe it because as he puts it I have not done it since I found I was pregnant with J 7 years ago.  Ha!

Sothe reason for my single mom status is hubby is traveling for work in Cali and Texas working round the clock to come back home to us next week some time.  This is the world we live in now.  The economy in Michigan sucks and you have to do what you have to do to make a living.  Thank goodness I work too and at least it seems to be reliable.

So while I am playing single mom we have been hanging around Grandma and Grandpa quite a bit for support.  Thank goodness for them or my head might turn all the way around.

J’s last day of kindergarten is this Friday and he talks excitedly about being a 1st grader next year.  I am so glad he likes school.  I can’t believe next year I will have a child in school full time.  I told him it seems like yesterday when he was a baby.  Now our midweek runs to the park or shopping trips will be trumped by school.  Family vacations will be scheduled around school breaks and homework and studying will be come common place.  Cherish those first 5 years… they go by so quick.  Tears…

Little Z is still the middle child through and through.  Talk about terrible 3’s.  2’s have nothing on this age.  He went from a cat phase to a bird phase which is fine.  He seems to get fixated on something new every 6 months.  Some days I worry about his social skills because he just refuses to interact with other people his age and then other days he is just fine.  We shall see how preschool goes this fall.  He will either love it or hate it.  We are going to try some activities this summer to ease him into it.  Oh boy!!!

Little K… almost 4 months now and laughing, cooing, and keeping her head straight so she can see the world.  She adores her brothers and loves to smile at everyone.  She is just a beautiful little baby and people are drawn to her.  Z even made the comment with pride that everyone loves our baby.  She is grabbing at toys now and gaining more control of her movements. 

We are still trying to sell the house but no interest so far.  A few showings but that was awhile ago and nothing lately.  Oh well.  We can make this how work 🙂

We are planning a few family adventures for this summer but with the price of gas we won’t go far too often.  I decided to renew the zoo membership because with gas at least it was a quick fun trip in town that we could do for cheap.  I also figure we will try out Meijer Gardens a few times, Millennium Park, one trip to Michigan’s Adventure, a few movies here and there and of course Grandpa’s pool 🙂 

Wish us well as we embark on a summer with 3 kids and at times one parent.  If anyone has ideas on how to keep busy and sane I am all ears!



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7 responses to “Been Awhile…

  1. That sounds a bit overwhelming. I hope you have a lot of wine on hand 🙂

  2. Alicia

    We have a family zoo membership too! That could be a common place for us. Oh – maybe you will see this before I finally get around to (or remember at as appropriate time) calling you – I plan on seeing you Sunday!

  3. I can’t believe Clare is going to first grade as well. Tomorrow I will probably be a blubbering idiot. We’ll be around townmost of the summer too, and I think we’ll be taking advantage of the parks and sprinkler pads around town. Anytime you wanna hang out let me know!

  4. Amazing, first grade?? FIRST GRADE?? Wow!

  5. Call me when you need a playdate!

  6. I give you alot of credit honey, I have 6 children and I don’t know that I could do the single Mommy thing! Enjoy the first 12 years cause after that they turn into aliens and you wonder when the spaceship is going to come back and drop off your real child! LOL

  7. Sammy

    Good for you, I know my wife wouldnt even lift a finger to do anything around the house, she would expect anyone else to do it. You are a good woman.

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