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Drum Roll Please…

Just being silly since it has been so long since I have written anything.  Here are a few reasons, some good, some bad…

We sold our house! In this market most people can not believe it. Since we are moving we needed to find some place to move too. After about a week and a half we found a place but now the waiting is the worst part.

On top of the selling and hunting for a home I have been a little under the weather. Not a cold or flu but actually in the ER kind of ill. I ended up with diverticulitis – doesn’t that sound like fun? Or some kind of horrible illness? Well come to find out you are not likely to get it until you are in your late 40’s or even 60’s. So aren’t I lucky? Basically it is an infection in my lower colon… I know, tmi.

So I am home from work on pain meds, because it hurts, and on anibitoics that make me throw up. Anyone want what I got??? Sounds fun right? Well I should be getting better soon, they say 4-5 days and tomorrow is day 5.

Alright there are my excuses although with the move impending I may not be around here too often, got to pack you know.




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