Best Year of My Life?

I know that making whole hearted statments are not always wise but to say I have had one of my best years ever seems to be too understated. Not to forget about the amazing year when I got married and both of the years I was pregnant for each of my sons but for some reason 2008 had so many great things packed into one year that is really takes the cake for me as being the best year ever, not to steal VH1’s thunder. Although I am always open for an interview VHI?

So as we are winding down 2008 with less than 2 months to go I think a lot about how 2008 has been amazing for my family and I. Even with the poor Michigan economy and all the doom and gloom about the next president, stock market and gas prices I feel very rich in life. My favorite quote lately is: The best things in life aren’t things. Some great things have happened to us, for us but mostly everything that has happened has been for the better for all of in our 5 person family. (Still sounds strange to say or write family of 5. Wow!)

So I am just putting my thankfulness for my blessings in writing and sharing with the world how grateful I am this Thanksgiving. Most people who have been around me lately know I feel this way.

So as Thanksgiving nears I hope we all can put any bad baggage from 2008 behind us and count the blessings that life has offered no matter how big or small.


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