48 Things About Me

  1. I have 3 children, 2 boys and a baby girl
  2. I am in love with my husband
  3. I was born in Marrietta GA
  4. I met some of my closest friends since becoming a mom
  5. I work part time as a marketing director for Goodwill Industries but have always wanted to be a veternarian
  6. I suck so bad at math so thank goodness for Excel at work
  7. I have a BA in english lit but cried so hard when learning to read as a kid I could literally get the words on the page to disappear
  8. I have a weird obessesion to always have bare feet and polished toes all summer long
  9. I love Hello Kitty
  10. I used to scapbook and sell things on ebay, I don’t have time any more
  11. I like to learn a new hobby or skill every year, so far this year I have not tackled one
  12. Since I made this committment to myself I learned how to develop photo prints, knit, and golf
  13. I only remember how to golf right now
  14. I have not golfed all year long but ran my first golf outing
  15. My dream car is a mustang convertible with a stick, it used to be a jaguar
  16. I hate the smell of gasoline and love the smell of burning wood
  17. I swam in high school and was on the crew team in college, I still like both
  18. Neatest job: working in sales for professional hockey team – The Griffins, minor league affiliates of the Red Wings
  19. I have met some Red Wings, Gordie Howe, and but that never really got me excited
  20. Biggest celebrity moment: Stopping Ed Robertson from Bare Naked Ladies in the hall making him wait until I got my cd out of my office
  21. I also liked meeting the gang from Trading Spaces and NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne
  22. I love to travel and hope to travel in Europe someday
  23. I love scary movies but the best ones give me nightmares so I think about smurfs to stop them from happening
  24. I love chai tea but hate coffee
  25. Gardening is my therapy
  26. I think technology is great and a curse all at the same time
  27. I like to analyze every movie I see even if it is so far fetched there is no point
  28. I am probably too independent for my own good sometimes
  29. I have known my husband since high school
  30. I am happy in life where I am right now
  31. I genuinely like and get along with my in-laws
  32. I think Bratz dolls should be outlawed and will never buy any for my daughter
  33. I own way to many pairs of shoes says my hubby, not enough says I
  34. I hate to sit at home on a sunny beautiful day
  35. I am starting to use organic cleaning products because I want to create a healthier place for my kids
  36. I love to recycle and even compost too
  37. My hubby even recycles sometimes!  Way to go hubby!
  38. I can’t sing but I like to pretend I can dance
  39. My parents have been married a total of 6 times (not to each other), I plan to be married 1 time
  40. Top 3 best events of my life: my wedding (it was perfect except the cake), the births of all my kids
  41. I don’t really collect anything
  42. I wish my house was cleaner
  43. I wish my friends houses were messier
  44. My husband and I can not canoe together, I think we will stick to single kayaks
  45. I hate spiders but don’t mind daddy long legs
  46. Working part time makes me a better mom
  47. I like to camp but my husband won’t go without the portable TV
  48. At 32 my life has just begun and gets better every day!

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