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I missed you blog.

So this blog has been pretty negleted to put focus on other things going on in my life. I am going to try and give more writing time to it because it is such a great outlet but I can not promise there will be times of writing lapse. This years life theme was change.

As we start to near the end of 2008 it gets easier and easier to reflect on what happened over the last year and what it means for the future. So like I already wrote change is the current theme of our life. We have a new baby who has grown so quickly and in just 3 months she will be 1 year. It is so hard to even think of her aging those contexts but when I look at her I can see how fast she is learning and growing. She is my last little baby and some days I want to stop the clock but that feeling extends to all my children on days.

More change for us was being fortunate enough to sell our house in our bad market and then find one we really liked in a neighborhood that would be great for our children.

Then in the midst of all those things an amazing career opportunity came along for me and after a lot of soul searching I decided to take a leap of faith. I have been in my new position a week and already feel that this was a great move for me.

So change, you can embrace it or you can fight it. I think I have proved to myself this year that I can deal with change 10 fold as long as my family is with me. Continue reading



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Tee Ball

We had the best time watching our oldest son this weekend play in his first tee ball game.  I am not a huge sports fan but there is something about watching my son play ball for the first time that was pretty amazing.  I was so excited for him and proud of him too.  He was adorable in his little uniform and white pants.  He hit the ball, played first base and got to play catcher too, even though he had no idea what he was doing while wearing the catchers mask. 

I am not sure how long the game lasted because I spent most of the game running back and forth to my chair switching from camera to video camera to make sure I could capture all those tee ball moments.  The teams don’t keep score when they are playing tee ball, which I think it weird because they tag people out of the game.  You can pretty much tell who is winning but it all pretty great nonetheless.  Afterward we went out for ice cream and it was a great end to a tee ball morning.

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Weekend Update

Saturday morning my girlfriend and I thought we would brave the water and start a water aerobic class at 8am.  It was pretty intense and I love the feeling of a good work out, especially the next day.  Water aerobics ain’t for sissy’s!  I was huffing and puffing pretty good in the water.

Saturday hubby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.  Can’t believe it has been 8 years.  Three beautiful children, a house to live in, 2 cars, great job I like, money for bills and a little more and a hubby that puts up with and gets me.  I have it all and feel so grateful 🙂  We actually married on the 29th but hubby was out of town, so grandma to the rescue for babysitting.

We went to movies and dinner, what else do you do when you have been married for 8 years, have three kids and one is a newborn still?  A trip to Europe will be for the 10 year anniversary. 🙂  But this year a movie and dinner sounded great to me. 

We saw Baby Mama and I loved it!  I laughed my a** off.  It seemed that the audience was made of people born in the late 80’s or early 90’s and since they probably did not have kids they did not laugh near as much as I did.  So if you have had children in the last 7 years I guarantee you will die from laughter.  I highly recommend it.  Can’t wait for it to hit the cheap theater.

Then we went to dinner at Chili’s.  When we are in a recession and people are not going out to eat as often you would think you would get fast excellent service but no.  But the echilada soup was awesome and free because the waitress never brought it out before our dinner was served.

We almost had someone want to see our house so we rushed to clean and then caught up on some outside scrapping and painting since the rain it going to hold for a few days.  If only we actually had someone want to see our house to be impressed with our newly painted deck.  Oh well, maybe soon.  Two weeks until our open house.

J is riding like the wind on his bike, we took the training wheels off a month ago now.  He still falls every now and again but unless there is blood he gets right back up and rides again.  Z is spending most of his time by foot chasing after his big brother.  He is amazing in his own right.  I think we are going to do swim lessons in the summer.  Miss K is laughing and cooing like crazy.  Life is good!


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Cheesy Fun

“Cheese makes everything better!”

Hubby is gone on his first out of town work trip.  So it is my first time with the 3 kids alone for the next couple of days.  On top of that I decided that the kids spent way to much time on the Wii this weekend so I banned all video games for the night making for much complaining at first and leaving me to give entertainment suggestions.

Since this is only my second week back to work, day 3 for those of you counting, I am still trying to get the hang of things with work.  Miss K is still adjusting to spending days with grandma.  And for added fun I signed Jman up for tee ball with practices twice a week, albiet entertaining to watch 6 years olds play baseball it also makes for a busy last part of the week.

So in an effort to have a little fun this evening we had a little self portrait photo shoot.  Have you ever tried to take a self portrait with 3 kids?  Here are the results:


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House for Sale… Again

Today we ventured into the world of real estate.  Meaning we put our quickly shrinking house up for sale.  In Michigan it is a gamble because there is a lot for sale and not a lot moving.  We signed a 6 month contract but I am hoping that it will sell at least by the end of summer.  I will post a link when it hits the website just in case you are in the market to by a fabulous house like ours 😉 

Those that know us in real life know that we actually put our house up for sale last year and sold it but backed out during the inspections based on our then current life situation.  So when we got pregnant a few months after unselling our house we regretted it a little and now that little K is here I regret it a ton but what can you do.  You make decisions with the cards you are currently dealt and not the unknown. 

My hope is that we sell the house soon as we put it on the market at a really fair price, not much more than what we bought it for 7 years ago, sad but that is the market right now.  I hope that this gamble works and we get something outstanding at a steal.  Wish us luck!


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I love camping and I married someone who only tolerates it to keep me from b*tching at him to go.  On top of that I am lucky enough to have two children so far that love camping too.  So in an effort to keep hubby and I from fighting while on these camping trips I drag him too we purchased a pop up with electric capabilities to be able to bring along a DVD player and TV to keep him occupied. Can’t you tell how much of a nature lover he is?  So while I sit around the fire and chat with friends or family, depending on who we are camping with, he sits in the camper watching reruns of M.A.S.H.

For the last two years we have talked about getting a bigger and newer one that would be even easier to take up and put down than the one we have.  This year thanks to my dad and his wife they found a buyer for our camper.  I settled on a little bit of a lower price than I wanted because my frugal and camping hater hubby is holding tight the pop up camper budget.  But in the end I am planning on spending this money plus a little more on another one.  Each day I search Craig’s List hoping to find the pop-up of my dreams but so far no luck.  Hubby is trying to talk me out of getting one all together but I really like camping and refuse to give up on it.  With the baby we might only be able to camp once or twice this year but I will only go if we have another pop up so I hope we find something.  But if not once the baby is walking next summer camping will be even more fun. 

Look out Michigan campgrounds the D family will be coming soon!

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Little Reader

This spring break week has not been all that exciting in terms of a family trip to Disney or even a car ride much farther than the grocery store but it has been exciting non the less. 

My little J man turned 6 years old and celebrated by playing laser tag for the first time at Craig’s Cruisers and loved it.  I think he is counting the days until he can go back.  He also learned to ride his bike with 2 wheels, we still have a little work to do but he is close to mastering it.  The biggest accomplishment for him over spring break was reading a Little Critter book out loud to his dad!  I was shocked and so impressed at how good he was!  I guess all those bedtime stories pay off and I guess his teachers helped too 🙂


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