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The Marriage Meme

So I got tagged by my friend lookmomlook now so here I go:  8 things about my marriage…

1.  We met/dated in high school.  We went to different schools.  We remained friends until we got back together in 1999. 

2.  He dumped me my senior year for another girl then dumped her 5 years later for me and married me, I win 🙂

3.  We got married at GVSU and have been married 7 years, some good, some great, some just got by.

4.  We went to Disney for our honeymoon and loved it, we just took our kids there this year.

5.  Now we like to go on more exotic vacations when it is just us, like Key West and the Bahama’s.  Hopefully we will go to Hawaii and Mexico someday too.

6.  We are homebodies most of the time but like a date night here and there where we go out to eat and see movies or have friends over for game night.

7.  My husband calls me Squirrel, I call him Raaaayyyyyyy!

8.  We live a pretty great life, have good kids, and try to enjoy everything we have worked for.

Bonus info:  Marriage is so hard but so worth it, most days, just kidding.



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