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Monday Movie Reviews

I am bringing back this oldie but goodie.

This past week and through the weekend I saw the following:  Mr. Woodcock, Good Luck Chuck, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, 27 Dresses, and Borne Ultimatum.

 Ok before you start thinking wow, what a lazy butt.  I am 9 months pregnant and there is not much else I have energy to do 🙂

 Mr. Woodcock – starring Sean William Scott, Susan Sarandon, Billy Bob Thornton, and SNL’s Amy Pohler.  It’s a comedy and definitely worth the rental if you want a good belly laugh.  I love Amy Pohler’s character.  Even if you hate Billy Bob she makes the movie laughable all by herself.  2 thumbs from me and my hubby.

Good Luck Chuck – stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.  Very funny but watch out for the crazy sex sequence, although it is funny too.  This movie almost made me pee my pants in parts.  Good comedy, romantic or otherwise.  Plus if you like penguins or weird animal facts this one is for you.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead – This movie title is way too long as was the movie and the amount of time it took to get to the point.  Starring Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman (remember him from Boogie Nights? Can’t get that character out of my head every-time I see this guy.)  This movie had an interesting story but the forward backward squencing was not doing it for me and just really tried to be much more than it was.  Moral of the story, don’t try and rob your parents store for money, someone will get hurt.  Don’t even bother renting.  No thumbs. 

27 Dresses – Katherine Heigle,  James Marsden (where has this cutie been?), Judy Greer (plays the best girlfriend) and  Malin Akerman (she plays the same character in every movie).  Really cute story but I hated that Heigle’s character was such a pushover that could never say what she really wanted until the end.  I think if I were just engaged, dating, or newly married I would like this one much more.  I kind of felt a little old for this one.  Plus no one I know would ever be that generous to over 27 brides.  See it for what it is, cheesy romantic comedy and don’t analyze.  A rental not a go see at the theater.  One thumb up.

Borne Ultimatum – Stars – Matt Damon.  I am not a shoot em up, chase em down, kick their butts kind of movie goer anymore.  It has to have a story line and this one could not even turn my head from my Sudoku book.  You had to have recently seen the last Borne movie to know what was going on from the beginning and then this was not a movie you could jump in half way to figure out.  Basically the CIA is bad and Jason Borne finally figures out who he is and why he got involved in this whole 3 part series movie thing, although I am still confused.  So good for him and thank goodness it is over.  Hubby gives it one thumb sideways and he likes those shoot em up movies.  Don’t bother 🙂


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Movie Review Monday

This weekend was a rental weekend for us.  Lucky readers have a chance to get my opinions on 3 movies this week!  What a deal.

#1 – Reign Over Me – Adam Sandler, Jada Pinkett Smith, Don Cheadle, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland (a pretty good cast in my opinion)

I will get this out of the way quick…   This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time!!!  GO rent this movie or heck even buy it.  It made me laugh, cry and just glad I was home watching it.

Donald Sutherland has a small part but his is priceless.  Cheadle is amazing and to see Sandler play this roll is so great and thank goodness so far from the Water Boy spectrum.

#2 Evan Almighty – Steve Carrell, Morgan Freeman (love him!), Molly Shannon, Wanda Sykes

I loved Bruce Almighty so I could not wait to see this one.  Great family movie with all the animals and all.  No bad words and a pretty good plot line.  I think we should all practice a little ARK (one Act of Random Kindness).   So rent this one too and watch it as a family.

#3 Hills Have Eyes 2 – starring no one I have heard of

This movie is pretty gross, creepy and a good scare if that is what you are looking for.  Not a psychotic thriller like some out there lately.  This is just plain bloody murder by creepy deformed people that live in the mines of a radioactive government testing site.  Lock this doors, watch this with someone you love and then watch something not scary right after.


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Movie Review Monday (a day late)

Georgia Rules –

For the record I am sick of Lindsay Lohan and not a big fan of her acting or personal life but since my hubby went out of his way to the video store to get something new to watch it was this or The Hills Have Eyes 2.  So we settled in to watch it and it was Lindsay playing her typical bratty teen-self gone wild but the parts played by Flecity Huffman and Jane Fonda were pretty great.

 The plot was interesting and the movie kept you guessing on whether poor misunderstood Lindsay was telling the truth or lying.  I liked and I think even hubby thought it was not even halfway bad.  It even made me want to start a new, Mom’s Rules thing at my house.  Watch the movie and you may agree.  Great chick flick or watch with a hubby flick! 

Two thumbs up!

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Movie Review – Surf’s Up

We took advantage of the rainy fall-like weather and took the kids out to lunch for free to On the Border thanks to National City’s rewards program and then to the new cheaper Celebration Cinema at Woodland Mall.  It was a great price but waiting in line over 10 minutes for popcorn and soda was no fun.  While waiting the kids played video games but the game ate my tokens and a nice manager gave them back to me.  So beware the video games.

I have to admit before writing this review that I did not really want to see Surf’s Up in the first place but being a good mom went for the kids.  So the movie is a surfer penguin with a reality tv camera that follows him around as he tries to become the next big surfer.  For J who is 5 it held his interest and Z who just turned 3, not so much.  Lots of talking between penguins and it did not hold my interest either.  I actually closed my eyes a few times.  There is some adult humor that made me and hubby raise our eyebrows because it was not so subtle.  I am definatley not renting this one.  Thank goodness for Shrek 3 🙂

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Movie Review Tuesday – Rush Hour 3

Thanks to my friend bigbinder I won tickets through to see the new Rush Hour 3.  I was so excited to get these tickets because I never win anything.  It might help to actually try and enter contests but I digress.  So I won these tickets, I got my great brother in law to babysit and hubby and I were ready to go.

We picked up the tickets and then went to the theater where my purse was searched by a large security guard looking for video cameras then we had to have another sercurty guard run a metal detector over us.  What a lot of security for a Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan movie.  I was a little worried at first for what they were looking for at this theater but relaxed once I knew it was just cameras and not guns.  This was supposed to be a comedy for goodness sakes.  During the movie the security guards stood next to the wall and stared at the crowd the whole time checking for people taping the movie.  They even use a night goggle to check.  How crazy!

The movie was so funny.  I needed and was looking for laughs so I was not disappointed.  Anyone looking for a great comedy or loves Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan or some kong fu fighting has got to check this out.  We, my husband included and he is a tough comedy critic, laughed out loud during the whole movie.  Chris Tucker gets the best one liners and has the best facial impressions and with Jackie as a partner they really just make it as a great comedy dual.

The movie has the same plots as the other 2 Rush Hours but still the laughs are different and worth it just for that alone.  The best part are the outtakes at the end of the movie.  By the time those ended I was laughing/crying.


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Movie Review

I have seen many a blogger pick a topic that they write about each week.  I am going to follow suit with movie reviews since I watch quite a few on and off the big screen.

 This week’s review – Ratatouille – rated G

This movie is about an 1 hour and 45minutes but 2 hours with previews at the theater.  It is full of funny slapstick comedy for kids and adults.  Even my 5 year old laugh and it takes a lot to get a rise out of him.  My 3 year old lost interest about half way through but I was intrigued until the end.  My hubby thought it was cute. 

There is a lot of rat and human interaction, a few chase scenes of the rat(s), of course a villan but not too over the top or scary really, a small human romance.

Although I don’t think we will run out and buy it when it is release on DVD we will probably rent it for an alternative to our daily veiwing of Toy Story 1 & 2 my 3 year old can not live without.

So I give this movie 8 out of 10 stars for holding my attention and my 5 year olds.  Bonus information:  It will repeat this week Sunday as the $3 CHEAPY MOVIE at Celebration South and Studio 28 (Tuesday at 6 too).  Can’t bet going to the movies with 4 people for $12 bucks.


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