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Desperate Housewives

I love this show and tonights season finale was great but what was up with that ending?  If you have DVR’ed or heaven forbid, taped it, then stop reading.

Every story from this season was wrapped up nicely.  We found out why Dillon could never remember her past.  We gained insight into Katherine and saw the ladies back her up when she needed it more than ever.  We saw Tom finally stand up and be the man he needed to for Lynette and they even gave us an awe moment.  But… with just 3 minutes left they gave us a sneak of what we can expect this fall.  This was by showing us where they are picking up next season five years later.  Gabby looks like she is not living the lifestyle she has previously with no make up, tossled outfits, and two kids running around?  Bre is back with Orson, no suprise there.  Katherine gets a call from Dillon who is engaged in Paris.  Lynette and Tom are dealing with the police because of their teenagers.  Oh and no sign of Edie Brit.  Who knows what is happening with her charachter.   All of which I might be able to handle and look forward to until the last update… Susan walks in the door to another man who is not Mike (James Denton)!!!  What the heck!!!  What in the world happend to Mike and I certainly hope they are not getting rid of him.  He has the coolest last name and pretty good eye candy too.  My hubby is not happy or excited about next season, oh well, we have to wait and see and hope that the next season is just as good as this one has been. 



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Free Toys Anyone???

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event
Who does not love free toys, besides kids?  With a new baby we could use a fun new toy or two so I am entering to win this contest.  Check out this link to Two Weeks of Toys hosted by 5Minutes for Mom if you need a new toy too! 

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Works for Me Wednesday – Pamper Yourself


Every woman on this planet needs to pamper herself without guilt.  I was raised by my dad and I seemed to remember him always encouraging me to go to a salon to get my hair cut and styled and  special times getting manicures for fun events.  He never poo-pooed all things girly and he set in my mind the idea of taking care of ones self which as an adult I interpret as pampering myself at the local spa.  And after almost 8 years of marriage my hubby understands my need for monthly pedicures and my yearly spa weekend with the girls.  He even mentioned to one of his buddies once that this is what girls do, trying to encourage his friend to let his wife accompany me on a pedicure trip.  Pretty good for a man born into a family of all boys.

For my birthday last week I used the spa gift certificate my wonderful co-workers bought for me to indulge in a few spa treatments.  As I was getting my so relaxing full body massage and then facial I thought, every woman should do this. 

So spoil yourself at least once a year, and if you can try it two times a year.  For me I am going to request the this be an every birthday, Valentines, Mother’s Day and any other holiday I can find reason to treat myself.  Plus there is always the monthly pedicure.  So be good to yourself, you only have one body and one life.  And if momma is happy so is everyone else 🙂

For more Works for Me Wednesday ideas check the link.


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Attn: Goodwill Shoppers

A brand new Goodwill opened today on Plainfield and 4 Mile in Grand Rapids MI.  So for all of you bargain or green shoppers check it out.  I got a great deal on 2 pair of Croc knock offs that are pretty good quality for the kids for the summer.  They have them brand new for between $3.99-$5.99 depending on sizes and different kinds with rhinestones for girls.  They have other specials buys that were purchased just for the Grand Opening so check it out while the getting is good. 

This store has the convenient drive through donation drop off that we are featuring in all our new stores plus the great updated look.  This ain’t your Grandma’s Goodwill.

So check it out and shop til you drop. 

And coming later this month my infamous – Girls’ Night Out event at the 54th Street Goodwill on March 25th.  $20 gets you massages, manicures, make up and hair do’s, Younkers personal shoppers to help you find your perfect spring look, wine, and desert plus a really cool “green” bag to take home.  Tickets on sale online too. 

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Monday Movie Reviews

I am bringing back this oldie but goodie.

This past week and through the weekend I saw the following:  Mr. Woodcock, Good Luck Chuck, Before the Devil Knows Your Dead, 27 Dresses, and Borne Ultimatum.

 Ok before you start thinking wow, what a lazy butt.  I am 9 months pregnant and there is not much else I have energy to do 🙂

 Mr. Woodcock – starring Sean William Scott, Susan Sarandon, Billy Bob Thornton, and SNL’s Amy Pohler.  It’s a comedy and definitely worth the rental if you want a good belly laugh.  I love Amy Pohler’s character.  Even if you hate Billy Bob she makes the movie laughable all by herself.  2 thumbs from me and my hubby.

Good Luck Chuck – stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba.  Very funny but watch out for the crazy sex sequence, although it is funny too.  This movie almost made me pee my pants in parts.  Good comedy, romantic or otherwise.  Plus if you like penguins or weird animal facts this one is for you.  I give it 2 thumbs up.

Before the Devil Knows Your Dead – This movie title is way too long as was the movie and the amount of time it took to get to the point.  Starring Ethan Hawke and Philip Seymour Hoffman (remember him from Boogie Nights? Can’t get that character out of my head every-time I see this guy.)  This movie had an interesting story but the forward backward squencing was not doing it for me and just really tried to be much more than it was.  Moral of the story, don’t try and rob your parents store for money, someone will get hurt.  Don’t even bother renting.  No thumbs. 

27 Dresses – Katherine Heigle,  James Marsden (where has this cutie been?), Judy Greer (plays the best girlfriend) and  Malin Akerman (she plays the same character in every movie).  Really cute story but I hated that Heigle’s character was such a pushover that could never say what she really wanted until the end.  I think if I were just engaged, dating, or newly married I would like this one much more.  I kind of felt a little old for this one.  Plus no one I know would ever be that generous to over 27 brides.  See it for what it is, cheesy romantic comedy and don’t analyze.  A rental not a go see at the theater.  One thumb up.

Borne Ultimatum – Stars – Matt Damon.  I am not a shoot em up, chase em down, kick their butts kind of movie goer anymore.  It has to have a story line and this one could not even turn my head from my Sudoku book.  You had to have recently seen the last Borne movie to know what was going on from the beginning and then this was not a movie you could jump in half way to figure out.  Basically the CIA is bad and Jason Borne finally figures out who he is and why he got involved in this whole 3 part series movie thing, although I am still confused.  So good for him and thank goodness it is over.  Hubby gives it one thumb sideways and he likes those shoot em up movies.  Don’t bother 🙂

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A Great ThursDay

This past Thursday will have to go in the record books as being a wonderfully great day.  It kinda of started earlier this week with a lot of work I put into a retail marketing presentation and another meeting I was preparing for.  Thursday was to be a day of meetings starting at 8am that would be intense, in the middle was to be lunch with my boss, and end with a staff meeting before I was planning on coming home at a descent hour after my busy as heck week.

So I made it to my first meeting on time and very prepared.  The meeting was running over into my next meeting that I was to help give the retail marketing plan I had worked on all the previous night.  My boss kept saying that we might have to postpone it.  I could not fathom that concept since I had  stayed up pretty late the night before finalizing the presentation and was ready to kick ass and present this awesome plan to our retail team. 

I kept telling my boss that the only plans I had after our retail meeting was lunch with her and surely we could cancel or delay that.  She just kept telling me not to worry.  I got back to the office and tried to still put together the meeting a half hour later than originally planned. 

The meeting was a success and I was so psyched.  We are ready to rock and roll with our plans.  But the second our meeting was over my boss had her coat on and was ready for lunch.  I figured she was just hungry but being I am nine months pregnant I could not go another second without a bathroom break.  After that I went to get my coat and the entire marketing staff had already left to lunch.  Strange that they all went at once but ok.

My boss and I left to Olive Garden.  I love this place for their soup and salad.  I think I go there about once a week.  I never bore of it and love it even more in the winter.  My boss drops me off at the door.  Have I said she treats me like I could break any second?  It is very sweet but at the same time I am a pretty independent person so it is sometimes overwhelming when a person treats you like you can not carry a piece of paper.  For those of you that know my past career as a hockey corporate sales person… I am used to chuck boxes, run around an arena 60 hours a week, and put signs on the ice rink arena during my pregnancies.  If this is the fattest I have been during any pregnancy it is because people around me are catering to me and spoiling me like crazy.  I guess I should feel lucky since this is my last and by now most people are probably like, what, pregnant again???

So now that I have digressed….  So my boss drops me off.  I put my name on the list and wait with my buzzer in hand.  Boss walks in and says lets go over here.  I am assuming to sit down but she walks past the chairs and turns the corner.  As I follow her I see everyone I work with in marketing, our CEO, the head of retail, and my mother in law at the table with gifts and lots of smiles.  I am so overwhelmed with happiness.  I hold back tears.  I feel so special and loved.  How lucky am I???  These wonderful people I work with thought enough to throw me a shower. 

They gave me so many wonderful gifts, lots of things for the baby to wear, to play with, a gift for each of my boys, and a wonderful gift certificate for a day at the spa for me. 

What a great day!!!  To top it all off hubby and I went on a date to the movies that night so I did not even have to cook dinner.  Bonus!

I don’t think any of those people besides my MIL reads this blog but a huge thank you to all of them for making me feel so special and loved.  For that I am so very lucky!  A bigger thank you to my mother in law for taking the time to  drive across town to have lunch with a bunch of people she does not know and buying some of the cutest baby girl clothes.   This little girl is definatley taking her out of her comfort zone 🙂


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“D” Day

So I am getting closer to delivery day.  It is not scheduled but we having been talking with my doctor about the first week in Feb. about 2 weeks early.  My PUPPS rash is pretty bad and I am taking a low dose of steroids to help ease the itching so that I still have some skin left when the baby arrives.

I am starting to want to nest but also so low on energy at times and even in some pain that the idea of starting projects wears me out.  I can’t wait to have our little one here just so I can get my energy back and spend the time I am not able to with my kiddos.  I am sure they are sick of cuddling with me on the couch.   

Hubby and I are still preparing for a girl but I think we both have this little tiny spot of doubt.  Just so hard to believe.  Plus are boys are getting less and less excited about a new baby coming into the house and sharing their space.  That is a little bit of a bummer but we hope once she is here they will change their mind or at least fake it and pose for one photo. 😉


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