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Works for Me Wed. – Cooking Beef Ahead


So two weeks ago I had a baby.  It was not on Wed. but none the less since I am on maternity leave and can not paint the walls yet again I have been on an organizing and take things to Goodwill kick.  It started with maternity clothes and I am finding just a ton of stuff that I still can not believe I have after all this time.

So in my organizing mode I have been able to plan a little ahead and get some home cooked dinners together each night.  So my Works for Me Wednesday helpful hint is planning ahead with some cooked beef you keep in the fridge.  Hubby first started it a week ago or so and I remember my dad doing it when I was a kid.  You basically buy 3-4 pounds of whatever ground beef grade you like and cook it all at once with some salt and pepper and store it in some tupperware in the fridge.  Then when you might be scrambling to come up with a dinner any evening you have half your work done already. 

This same concept could work with chicken too.  So far we have had stroganoff, spaghetti, and tonight some goulash all with this cooked ahead meat.

For other Works for Me Wednesday check out Rocks in My Dryer.


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Works for Me Wed. – Last Minute Presents


So it is that time of year when there are only 11 days left until Christmas and even less time to shop.  So what do you get those people on your list that you have no idea what to buy???

Well here is one idea.  I love this site called .  They have the best ideas for unique ways to use those 300+ photos you took this year that are still on your memory card and not developed.  This year I have made a photobook, a calendar, and an 8×10 collage photo for presents for various family members.

So if you need a last minute gift idea check it out.  That is what works for me.  For other great ideas that work for other people check out Rocks in My Dryer.


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Works for Me Wed – Saving Christmas Money

wfmwheader2.jpgSo many people checked out my Saving Money Blog entry I thought I would write how I try and save money at Christmas time on those never ending shopping trips.  It is so easy to over spend or even have no idea how much money goes into all those gifts under the tree.

I start with an Excel spreadsheet in October and give every person I shop for a column, you could do this on a sheet of paper too, I just like Excel because it does all the math for me.  So after I write down every single person, don’t forget anyone, the dog, teacher , etc… you write the total amount you plan to spend on each person in a column next to their name.  Then write your Christmas gift ideas on the columns below their name with the amount the gift will cost in the column that has the total amount to spend amount.  Do that for each person.  I love this method because it keeps all my ideas in one place and if hubby or the kids mention something they like I can quick put it in my computer and won’t forget.

Then add all those gift amount numbers together to give you an overall number of how much money you are going to be spending this holiday.  If it seems like way more than you want or can spend then reevaluate your potential gifts.  You can always change your ideas if you are out an about and see a better gift for someone but just make sure to change your list accordingly to keep track.

That is what works for me!  For more Works for Me Wednesday check out Rocks In My Dryer.

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Works for Me Wednesday – Mommy Time


Working part time, being a mom, wife, and director of all things family related are great as long as Mommy is HAPPY 🙂  That old saying, “If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.”  Is so true and for some weird reason I am hearing it a lot lately.

So how do I stay happy and refreshed to give everything my all?  I usually plan 2 or 3 nights a month with my best girl friends.  I play in a monthly Bunco group with women that are so fun that even pregnant I get a great rush just being around them.  Then I usually make the effort to make time to either get a pedicure, go out to dinner, a cheap movie or something with some girl friends a few other times during the month. 

I think this is important for all moms.  Even if you just get away by yourself to get some ME time.  Every mom deserves it and should demand it to be a better momma.  Everyone needs a break even if it just to window shop or take some extra time buying groceries.

There is a great movie place in our town with cheap movies for only $3.50 so tonight my girlfriend and I saw Nanny Diaries.  I will review that on Monday but a cheap movie is just one idea for a nice Mom’s Night Out.  I challenge all moms to take at least one night or day a month for themselves.

Check out Rocks in My Dryer for other ideas that Work for Me Wednesday.


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Works for Me Wednesday – Saving Money


It is so easy to blow through money all week on this and that and even more easy to blow through money on the weekends.  So this week my hubby and I are trying a new system to save some money.    We decided that we would spend only $50 on gas (we split that up based on who is driving more), and then we each get $20 each to spend on lunches or whatever else we want during the week through the weekend but that is all we spend unless we need groceries.  So far I have spent only $2 on a Burger King Mocha Joe so I am feeling pretty good about that.  I think hubby has most of his money too.  Since we don’t have plans this weekend we figure we can rent $1 movie this weekend and get a $5 pizza one night too to still feel like we are getting a break from cooking at home.  I am also challenging myself to use the groceries in the house instead of running out to pick up an odd or end throughout the week.  Menu planning helps with this a lot.  Check out Big Binder for great menus each week. 

So that is what is working for me this Wednesday and hopefully more Wed. to come.  Check out Rocks in My Dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.


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Works for Me Wednesday

shaklee.jpgSometimes I need a little inspiration for writing a subject and because The Diaper Diaries is always such a good read I checked out Rocks in My Dryer and decided I need to add to her Works for Me Wednesdays listing. 

Since having kids and getting older I want to make sure I am creating a clean and green home for my family as well as do my part to keep this earth green.  I have tried two brands of products so far.  Method Brand which I find mostly at Target and I love and more recently I bought some Shaklee cleaning products after seeing them on Oprah’s show (here’s the link), got to love her.   

I bought an inital Shaklee Cleaning kit for $55, (I think they normally sell it for $82) and when it came I was shocked at how much product came in it.  Dishsoap, laundry detergent, recycleable wipes, recycleable dryer sheets, their famous Basic H2 product that can clean anything – even windows, scour off heavy duty paste, fabric softener, laundry boaster and so much more.  The best thing is that it is all concentrated so it lasts longer than it looks.  So far I have used the wipes and they work great and better yet I don’t feel guilty about using another paper product.  I have also used the laundry soap and so far have done 20+ loads and have enough left for 20 more, the Scour Off paste which is a life saver in tough cleaning projects like a broiler pan, and I am going to mix up some Basic H2 and start cleaning with that this week. 

Check out Shaklee if you are living green or if you are interested in protecting your home, kids and planet.  Here Shaklee’s skinny on The Real Dirt On Clean.  For more green tips check out look,mom,look blog for some other great advice.

So going green with my cleaning products Works for Me Wednesday!

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