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Awwe Shucks!

Thanks for everyone’s super nice comments about missing me and my blog. I am will use that energy to keep me coming back.

In the meantime I had to share the best thing said to me today.

While getting the kids ready for bed and doing our hug and kiss routine

Jake shouts down to me from his room…”Mom, Goodnight!”

Me,”Goodnight Jake.”

Jake, “You are pretty Mom.”

Me, “Oh hunny you are so sweet, thank you so much.”

Me inside, I have the best dang son in the whole world and I must being doing something right for him to be such a sweetie.

Ok, just had to share. facebook1


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Drum Roll Please…

Just being silly since it has been so long since I have written anything.  Here are a few reasons, some good, some bad…

We sold our house! In this market most people can not believe it. Since we are moving we needed to find some place to move too. After about a week and a half we found a place but now the waiting is the worst part.

On top of the selling and hunting for a home I have been a little under the weather. Not a cold or flu but actually in the ER kind of ill. I ended up with diverticulitis – doesn’t that sound like fun? Or some kind of horrible illness? Well come to find out you are not likely to get it until you are in your late 40’s or even 60’s. So aren’t I lucky? Basically it is an infection in my lower colon… I know, tmi.

So I am home from work on pain meds, because it hurts, and on anibitoics that make me throw up. Anyone want what I got??? Sounds fun right? Well I should be getting better soon, they say 4-5 days and tomorrow is day 5.

Alright there are my excuses although with the move impending I may not be around here too often, got to pack you know.



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So much to write, so little time…

Lately I always seem to begin my blog with it has been awhile. I just can not find the time to blog like I used to. I can’t figure out why either. I mean between my hubby working in another state for 15 days at a time, working as a marketing director part time, raising 3 children, one of them nursing I just can’t figure out how I am spending my time 🙂 My lack of sleep is making me to witty and sarcastic. I am wondering what my coworkers think of me now.

I do have so much to blog about but now that I have a moment but my brain is fried. I am thinking about blogging about topics starting with the letter A and ending in Z. We shall see if that comes to fruition and keep me more engaged in my blogging venture.

For now I will let everyone know the children are great, getting regular baths, wearing clean clothes, and eating good meals.  Some how I am managing to get everyone out for appointments, an occasional jont the parks and have even attempted grocery shopping solo with 3 kids. Now with that said the house is a disaster, we are living out of laundry baskets and I could probably do with a house keeper. I am sure there are other people out there that have a harder time but this is all new for me with three kids so I am still getting in a groove. I know it with come.

I am going to hit the hay and hope for more than 5 hours sleep.


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Been Awhile…

I owe huge updates on the D family.  I have been a single mom for over a week now.  I am proud of myself because I actually changed the cat litter.  Hubby won’t believe it because as he puts it I have not done it since I found I was pregnant with J 7 years ago.  Ha!

Sothe reason for my single mom status is hubby is traveling for work in Cali and Texas working round the clock to come back home to us next week some time.  This is the world we live in now.  The economy in Michigan sucks and you have to do what you have to do to make a living.  Thank goodness I work too and at least it seems to be reliable.

So while I am playing single mom we have been hanging around Grandma and Grandpa quite a bit for support.  Thank goodness for them or my head might turn all the way around.

J’s last day of kindergarten is this Friday and he talks excitedly about being a 1st grader next year.  I am so glad he likes school.  I can’t believe next year I will have a child in school full time.  I told him it seems like yesterday when he was a baby.  Now our midweek runs to the park or shopping trips will be trumped by school.  Family vacations will be scheduled around school breaks and homework and studying will be come common place.  Cherish those first 5 years… they go by so quick.  Tears…

Little Z is still the middle child through and through.  Talk about terrible 3’s.  2’s have nothing on this age.  He went from a cat phase to a bird phase which is fine.  He seems to get fixated on something new every 6 months.  Some days I worry about his social skills because he just refuses to interact with other people his age and then other days he is just fine.  We shall see how preschool goes this fall.  He will either love it or hate it.  We are going to try some activities this summer to ease him into it.  Oh boy!!!

Little K… almost 4 months now and laughing, cooing, and keeping her head straight so she can see the world.  She adores her brothers and loves to smile at everyone.  She is just a beautiful little baby and people are drawn to her.  Z even made the comment with pride that everyone loves our baby.  She is grabbing at toys now and gaining more control of her movements. 

We are still trying to sell the house but no interest so far.  A few showings but that was awhile ago and nothing lately.  Oh well.  We can make this how work 🙂

We are planning a few family adventures for this summer but with the price of gas we won’t go far too often.  I decided to renew the zoo membership because with gas at least it was a quick fun trip in town that we could do for cheap.  I also figure we will try out Meijer Gardens a few times, Millennium Park, one trip to Michigan’s Adventure, a few movies here and there and of course Grandpa’s pool 🙂 

Wish us well as we embark on a summer with 3 kids and at times one parent.  If anyone has ideas on how to keep busy and sane I am all ears!


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Film Is Dead

Today is a sad sad day for me. 6 years ago I purchased a semi professional Nikon SLT film camera when I started to really develop an interest in photography.  I took some classes and purchased an enlarger and started making my own black and white prints in my basement.  I really loved taking close ups of nature and interesting objects and turning them into art.  I still have the photos on my wall that remind me of my hobby.  But since having children I have not had the time or the ambition to even pick up the film camera and play around.  With the digital point and shoots so easy to use and the need for so much speed to capture those childhood moments I thought I might not get back in the darkroom when my kids went off to college anyway.  So today I finally decided to take my Nikon SLT film camera and two lens to the camera shop and see what it might be worth as trade. Before I went I looked on Ebay so I would not be so shocked but looking on ebay I was still surprised to find the film cameras are pretty much dead equipment.  My same camera was selling for around $10.  I tried to remain hopeful and try my local camera shop.  They might think there was value in my equipment right?  But I was sadly mistaken. I was offered not much over $50 for the whole lot and that was in trade towards some new gear.  Ouch…  I have been hanging onto all my darkroom equipment too and after talking with the camera guys I found out that you can’t buy Kodak developing solution for film anymore.  Pretty soon film won’t be easily found either.  WOW.  Digital came in an made film extinct, wish I had dusted off the camera a few years ago so I could get more on trade.  Oh well, Craig’s List here I come… 

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Swiffer Dusters

Today a package arrived.  It was almost like it was from the heavens but really just from Fed Ex and Swiffer.  I have a couple of blogger friends who get free products to try and I have been wondering how they do it.  Well I think I just got my second free products to try.  Yippeee!!!!

My 3 year old was so excited that there was a delivery for me and he ran and got it.  Inside this box was a Swiffer Duster and Febreeze Allegeren Reducer.  Let me tell you that when this package arrived I was in the middle of dusting with my hubbies holey sock.  We are preparing for our open house this weekend and let me tell you there are more than a few places that have not seen dusting since before I got pregnant over a year ago now.  How sad, I know but playing with my kids is so much more fun than dusting the chandelier.

So I digress…  Z and I opened the package with delight and put the new duster together and gave her a whirl.  Let me tell you I have thought about buying this product before and now after trying it I can see it is money well spent.  I liked using it because it shows how gross and dusty your house is on the duster and it keeps the dust on the duster, unlike my hubbies sock where the dust piles up and falls off.  The bonus is Z thought it was fun to use so I gave him the chore of doing it and he was off and loving it. 

Keep those samples coming…  I love to try new things. 

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Macy’s Aint for the Large Chested

So I had this $50 gift card to Macy’s burning a hole in  my pocket.  I received it as a gift from my boss at Christmas but wanted to wait until I was not pregnant to spend it.  I had it in my mind that I would take this card sans pregnant and by myself a new wardrobe, ok maybe just a pair of pants or a new shirt, this is Macy’s after all.  So today I seized the moment.

I have really been wanting some new shirts so I proceeded to check out the merchandise.  I started to feel a blog post coming on as soon as I tried on a sweater and looked in the mirror.  Now that I am nursing I am now having the same problem I had when I was pregnant and could not find a bra to save my life.  Since each boob is now the size of a basketball most shirt or sweater styles look a little ridiculous unless they are long.  But oh no…  those fashion gurus and designers out there have made yet another season of the short jackets and sweaters with only two or three buttons holding it all together at the top.  Even when I am not nursing, pregnant or otherwise these styles make us large boobed women look like we are trying on something out of the toddler section, or make us look like we weigh 500 pounds on top.  And don’t get me started on the long shirt dress you are supposed to wear with spandex leggings.  First of all I love 80’s music but the clothing style did not work then and for me does not work now, unless maybe you are 20ish and a stick. 

Oh well, the Origins make up counter it is then.  See you Macy’s in about 7-9 months when I am done nursing and maybe in the mood to torture myself with a little clothing shopping.  Urghhhh.


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