Witness Protection Program


So tomorrow I shall decide if my decision to get my hair cut was good or bad.  I usually hate the style the next day and then after a month I love it.  I have been thinking about a change for awhile.  What the heck it’s just hair right?  It grows back eventually. 

I am age fighter and 10 is a pretty good age right?  That’s how I felt when it was newly cut and wet against my face at the hair salon.  But now with it dried I actually like it.  It would look a little more fluffy if the rain had not decided to have its way with it.  Great, now I have hair I have to protect from the rain.  And here I thought I was doing something more simple than my last cut. 

I am not trying to get the mom haircut.  No offence to anyone that loves that look but I was going for a little modern or trendy which if you see the back it is shorter and layered.  Watch out world here I come!

I told my husband ,who has not seen my hair this short since high school, that I have been entered into the witness protection program.  I am getting a new boss at work on Monday and my old boss may not be too happy about losing me.  So maybe this way she won’t recognize me.

So lots of new things this week, new vehicle (coming next week though), new job, new hair.  Why not right?  If you can’t change you will never evolve.



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2 responses to “Witness Protection Program

  1. cleaver mama

    did i miss something? New job?

  2. thediaperdiaries

    I like it!

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