Remembering the Small Stuff…

The other afternoon I was driving alone in my car, a rare occurance unless it it to or from work.  But in these quiet moments my thoughts drifted to my kids and the things they have said, been interested in or done over the last few years of their young lives.  I realize that I need to keep a better diary of these small things that I am sure will be forgotten by the time hubby and I are rockin’ into our golden years.  I try and write on actual paper once a month a little recap of the goings on in our family but at times different events take over my 2 page writings, like currently being pregnant is the main writing topic.  So I have to remember to write down the little amazing things my kids do that make be laugh, smile or sometimes just shake my head.  I wonder what other moms out there do to capture and remember those precious moments?



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3 responses to “Remembering the Small Stuff…

  1. My blog has started capturing & sharing those moments. Before then, I really didn’t do much. This way I remember, and I can share it with those that enjoy reading my ramblings. Hopefully you’ll come up with something good.

  2. fogcitymommy

    Since Ricky’s dad and I had a really nasty divorce, fueled by lies and manipulation and adultry (all on his part) I bought a diary and I write daily entries that are letters to Ricky. they range from what we did to memories of my own childhood to explaining what usher’s syndrome is (two aunts and an uncle have it). I plan on giving Ricky the diaries for his birthday when he is in his 20s.


  3. mediocrehousewife

    I take tons of pictures. Of everything. I try to write down the little things my kids say or do but don’t always find the time. I find that if I take lots of pictures, they can sometimes jog my memory. I’m really big into scrapbooking, so when I sit down to scrapbook all of my zillions of photos, I tend to write anecdotes on most pages. With that said, though, I still miss a lot of the every day stuff. It makes me sad!

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